AirWealth: The augmented CRM and Client Portal for Wealth Managers

AirWealth is the NextGen CRM and client portal dedicated to Wealth Managers. Thanks to data analytics and a modern user interface, the RM increases its sales effectiveness and operational efficiency while staying compliant. The Client Portal offers digital reporting and interactions capabilities.

Key features

  • Client Relationship Management
  • Client Acquisition & Onboarding
  • Client Communication & Interactions
  • Client Web Portal and Mobile App
  • Analytics & Dashboards for Marketing & Sales Management


Wealth advisors are overwhelmed by regulatory and administrative work while their clients are more and more demanding. Reaching the client at the right time with the appropriate topic through its preferred channel is key to develop the client's relationship.

AirWealth is the perfect front-office solution to help RMs developing their books while being more efficient and staying compliant.

From client acquisition to advisory / sales activities, data analytics are used to provide the RM with client’s insights and alerts turned into contact opportunities. The RM will better know its clients and better engage thanks to personalized content and interactions.

All client’s activities will be stored and managed into AirWealth, KYC and digital onboarding is simple and fully configurable including compliance checks. Accessing to client’s information, portfolios and activities has never been so convenient.

Activity’s analytics provide valuable Sales and Marketing dashboards in real time at individual and branch level enabling quick actions to stay on track with objectives.

The white-labelled Client Portal/ Mobile App offers advanced digital reporting and interactions capabilities through an integrated chat and document exchange space. Client will receive contents personalized to its preferences and portfolios.

AirWealth is very modular and flexible from a functional and technological point of view, you can select amongst modules and functionalities and integrate it with your existing IT landscape (including your existing Client Portal).

Security is at the heart of the solution, personal and sensitive data are anonymized and encrypted to ensure full confidentiality and security both on the RM and client side.

Company description

MISSION OneWealthPlace acts as strategic partner to Asset and Wealth Managers to help them in their Digital Transformation, using next-generation technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Cloud​. VISION Augmented Client Lifecycle Management through AI and data analytics



Company: OneWealthPlace
Category: Digital ChannelsClient Communication ManagementDigital Onboarding
Released: 18 May 2020