AML Platform

The AML Platform for cryptoassets is powered by 270+ proprietary risk data point algorithms for AML, CFT, SDN sanctions & more. Customizable alert thresholds for BSA, AMLD5/6 & the FATF guidelines. 1,500+ protocols/coins/tokens covered. 10,000+ blockchain entities monitored.

Key features

  • Blockchain & API Agnostic: can be integrated with any blockchain & API
  • Multi-Tool, Customizable Approach: get reports, visualize funds, investigate & trace after customizable alert thresholds
  • Largest Database of Illicit Activity in Crypto: 1 petabyte of detailed & accurate sources of risk
  • Streamline SAR Reporting Requirements: generating reports with enough concise information for SARs submission to FIUs
  • Minimize False Positives: accurate tracing algorithms & clustering engine prevents wasted resources


The AML Platform for cryptoassets by Coinfirm

Powered by 270+ proprietary risk data point algorithms of; money laundering, terrorism financing, weapons proliferation, SDN sanctions, darknet marketplaces, fraud, suspicious transaction patterns, mixers/tumblers & more. These algorithms create risk ratings for analyzed addresses - 'C-Scores' from 0 to 99 - with low, medium and high-risk allocations, enabling users to gain actionable intelligence. Risk ratings include address exposure to ERC-721 (Non-fungible tokens).

The AML Platform minimizes false positives and streamlines SARs reporting requirements for clients and partners with the largest illicit blockchain address dataset of more than 1 petabyte. Possessing unique tools such as the; Monitoring Panel, AML Risk Reports, Visualizer, Case Management, Transaction Reports, Address Blacklisting and Blockchain Browser enables users to manage their regulatory compliance and risk exposure in the cryptoasset sector.

AML Platform tools:

  • Monitoring Panel: get suspicious activity alerts on addresses with customizable thresholds set by the BSA, AMLD5 and the FATF.
  • AML Risk Reports: downloadable, detailed PDFs with everything needed for crafting SARs & knowing client risk exposure (standard and enhanced).
  • Visualizer: investigate and track illicit fund flows through the blockchain with unlimited 'hops' between addresses.
  • Case Management: create cases to gather extensive evidence of crypto crimes with Coinfirm's compliance support team.
  • Transaction Reports: calculate the full risk of all addresses counterparty to transactions of multiple inputs & outputs.

The state-of-the-art platform was developed for entities such as; cryptoasset exchanges, protocols, custodians, wallet providers, legal and professional services, financial institutions, broker-dealers and financial intermediaries, financial investigative units of governments and more. Able to be customized for transaction alerts of thresholds for BSA, AMLD5 &/or FATF guidelines, covering 1,500+ protocols/coins/tokens - 98% of the cryptoasset market by market cap - including; BTC, ETH, all ERC-20 tokens, XRP and more.

The AML Platform actively monitors 14,000+ legal and illegal blockchain entities including darknet marketplaces, centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges. The platform has generated 200+ million Risk Reports used to meet regulatory requirements around the world, with Coinfirm's compliance dataset utilized by Binance, and Celsius Network.

Company description

Coinfirm is a global leader in AML & RegTech for blockchain & cryptocurrencies. Offering the industry’s largest blockchain coverage - over 1,500 cryptocurrencies and protocols supported - Coinfirm’s solutions are used by market leaders, ranging from VASPs such as Binance, and protocols like WAVES, to major financial institutions and governments.



Company: Coinfirm
Category: Crypto Assets
Released: 26 April 2021