Manage portfolios across several custodians with readily available data and in compliance with customer objectives and regulation.

Key features

  • Multi custody PMS
  • CRM
  • Invoicing
  • Reporting


Assetmax is a leading Swiss software for independent asset managers, family offices and banks with integrated multi custody portfolio management, client relationship management, invoicing and reporting. Assetmax is a trusted solution used by several wealth managers and banks.

Compliance and Client Data

Organize all client documents and sensitive information. Handle compliance efficiently, with tools designed by specialists such as Geissbühler Weber & Partner AG.

Use the configurable on boarding workflow with support for MiFID II and FIDLEG and automatic PEP verification (Worldcheck). Perform AML checks.

Data is audited and versioned, strongly encrypted and treated with respect to the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection and EU GDPR.

Portfolio Management

Easily view and manage portfolios of any kind and complexity.

Use our powerful multi custody consolidation, send transactions via FIX, automatically checks for restrictions, rebalance portfolios to their models, add non bankables, calculate performance contribution and attribution, analyze risk figures.

Fees and Profitability

Define management and performance fee models, generate single or consolidated invoices, calculate RM’s and intermediaries compensation, calculate retrocessions, monitor fee payments from banks, calculate stamp duty, generate cost reports and analyze client profitability.

Reporting and Designer

Reports are a fundamental communication mean and must reflect the uniqueness of the wealth manager’s service. To transmit this uniqueness, our reporting engine allows an unmatched customization of report templates to graphically distinguish your company.

Adapts your reports, invoices and letters online with our unique report designer. Let a professional graphic designer define templates and implement them pixel perfect in assetmax. Print reports in EN, DE, IT, FR, ES, RU or provide other translations.



Company: Assetmax AG
Category: Investment Advisory
Released: 05 June 2020
Type: Standard Adapter