The finance industry’s most attractive credit-highway. atpoint.FINAP360 provides end-2-end support for the customer consultant in their preparation, through the customer consulting process, right until the submission of the credit application.

Key features

  • Highly emotionalized customer experience
  • The most intuitive consulting solution in Financing
  • End-2-end digitalized credit-highway
  • Integratable in many different peripheral systems
  • FINMA-compliant rules and standards


atpoint.FINAP360 helps the consultant with efficient preparation, consultations, and post-processing. This way, the end customer receives an emotional, thoroughly digitalized, and highly competent consulting experience.

The highlights of atpoint.FINAP360:

End-to-end digitalization:

atpoint.FINAP360 guides the customer consultant through various credit processes in an intuitive way and is integrated end-2-end into both the core banking system and other central systems and services.

Real-time examination:

The customer consultant’s entries are checked in real-time following the company’s requirements and the bank’s internal credit regulations. The level of competency is automatically determined.


The digital credit-highway manages individual digital business cases completely automatically, from preparation through to consultation and through to credit application. As part of this, an application is passed through the following checks throughout its duration:

  • Creation of business partners in the core banking system
  • Provision of joint accounts
  • CRM update
  • Hedonistic real estate appraisals
  • Affordability calculation
  • Calculation of securities (Regulation, gross, net 1 and net 2)
  • Amortization calculation
  • Automatic ZEK testing
  • Determination of the rating
  • Generation of the policy application
  • Generation of the financing suggestion
  • Data validation for the transfer of the credit application

Supported business cases:

  • Buying
  • Building
  • Replacement
  • Extension
  • Mutations

Company description

at-point ag has broad knowledge in software development, UX & design, and consulting. This enables us to build modern and user-friendly financial products that look for a match in the industry. We are a manufacturer-independent company and has sound experience and strong expertise in classical and modern programming languages and technologies.



Company: at-point ag
Category: Mortgages
Released: 29 July 2019
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