Boost your conversion rate with atpointTVE, the top solution for digital appointments. It will be integrated directly into your prospects pipeline and enables clients or prospects to make an appointment with your consultants in a few clicks.

Key features

  • Book an appoint with your advisor around the clock, thanks to the Microsoft Exchange integration.
  • Manage your advisory considering the competence of each consultant.
  • Customer segmentation defines the duration of consultations, also accounting for preparation and post-processing times.
  • Integrating Google Maps® enables the proper calculation of the travel time.
  • Automatic confirmation via e-mail and calendars: The client can digitally postpone or cancel an appointment.


Problem and solution:

The traditional way to generate appointments uses mainly e-mail or telephone. This time-consuming, analog process doesn't cover the needs of the digital world.

With atpointTVE, new and existing clients can book appointments with your consultant directly — around the clock from any device.

Appointment machine:

Our integrally configurable appointment machine incorporates many checkpoints and calculates the duration and required skillset for a consultancy. Additionally, the selection of one of the branch offices triggers the market segmentation and the verification of available consultants. Any of the calculated time-slots then can be booked bindingly by clients.

Exchange integration:

atpoint.TVE communicates directly with Microsoft Exchange.

Personalized checklist for each consultancy topic:

The key to a successful consultancy lies in its proper preparation. After successfully booking an appointment, the client or prospect will receive a list of required documents for the consultancy.

Upload of documents:

If the client or prospect has the materials at hand, he can upload all necessary documents securely even before the appointment.

Confirmations of appointments:

After successfully making an appointment, the client will receive a confirmation e-mail with a secure link and including a calendar appointment.

Overview of appointments:

Using the secure link, which is secured by SMS code, clients can access their listing of planned meetings. These appointments can be postponed or canceled, or necessary documents may be uploaded.

SMS notification before the consultancy:

Right before the meeting, atpointTVE sends an SMS containing all critical information to the client. Clients appreciate this informative service, and it reduces the cancellation of appointments.

Integration into your website or app:

atpointTVE integrates as a javascript widget, which reduces the integration efforts to a minimum.

Company description

at-point ag has broad knowledge in software development, UX & design, and consulting. This enables us to build modern and user-friendly financial products that look for a match in the industry. We are a manufacturer-independent company and has sound experience and strong expertise in classical and modern programming languages and technologies.



Company: at-point ag
Category: Digital Channels
Released: 07 October 2019
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