Capmatix automation framework for documents, processes and data

Capmatix merges knowhow and technology, so that you can automate the creation of your processes and documents. It enables the automated creation of PIBs, KIDs and all documents around your individual products and related digital equivalent, i.e. explanatory and educational videos.

Key features

  • Automated, audit-proof creation of documents and digital sales presentations compliant with the latest regulation
  • Powerful workflow and logic engine to automate processes, permissioning, distribution and notifications
  • Ability to support multi-language, multi-jurisdictions, multi-tenant, multi-layout documents across different formats
  • Powerful design tools for supporting multi-level data ownership to achieve re-use, consistency, versioned collaboration
  • Solution provided as in-house or cloud solution


Automating day to day business. Capmatix includes document creation, content management, product information management and workflow automation systems.

It provides modular digital applications that can be combined to enhance your capabilities across business services with interactive data and functionality.

It lets you steer previously disparate systems in a central cockpit. Everything can be done by business people with no need for deep coding.

  1. Transform data and processes into documents and digital formats to interact with clients
  2. Centralize and manage economic and regulatory data of financial products along the product life-cycle
  3. Limitless document automation, e.g. term sheets, investment mandates and pitch books, and management for all languages, layouts and use cases
  4. Configurable workflow engine to coordinate, automate and orchestrate
  5. Refine data and calculate for example PRIIPs risk and scenario figures, NPVs (Net Present Values), xVA (X-Value Adjustment) for derivatives and structured products
  6. Connect various input and output sources to enrich and transform product data

LPA's Digital Client Interaction Solutions (DCI) in combination with Capmatix bring a crucial advancement in digitalizing the interaction with your customers.

The system provides the presentation of product proposals as well as the complete accompaniment or automation of the whole advisory process for securities or OTC products.

With our DCI solutions you increase

  • The customer experience
  • The effectiveness and efficiency of your advisory processes
  • Regulatory process reliability

Company description

Founded in 1999, LPA has been an industry leader in the Capital Markets Technology and Advisory space for two decades, effectively combining innovative software solutions with deep subject matter expertise across interest rate and currency management, regulation, risk and new and emerging technologies. As the European market leader in capital markets technology solutions LPA has a proven track record of working with international banks and financial institutions to improve client experience, drive efficiencies and increase profitability to ultimately deliver against stated business strategies.



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Released: 13 September 2019
Type: Open API