Delio Private Markets Technology Solution

The Delio platform digitises the entire private investment lifecycle, with deal origination, distribution, transaction and reporting being integrated seamlessly into one continuous workflow. Our white-labelled technology acts as the centralised hub for all your private markets activity.

Key features

  • Leverage Delio's white-labelled technology to scale, streamline and differentiate your private markets proposition
  • Digital tools that transform how financial institutions originate, distribute, transact and report on private markets
  • Promote investment opportunities quickly, transparently and compliantly, connecting the right clients at the right time
  • Embed robust governance processes to reduce operational risk while streamlining workflows to improve efficiency
  • Drive tangible value for your business through data insights, commercial solutions and regulatory knowledge


Delio powered platforms are transforming the way private market opportunities are presented to potential investors. We place highly configurable technology in the hands of the world’s most respected financial institutions to create, scale and streamline their end-to-end private investment propositions.

From deal origination and distribution, through to portfolio management, compliance and reporting, we have you and your clients covered from start to finish. And because we’re an unconflicted partner, we work hand-in-hand with institutions like you to deliver elegant technology that is configured around your specific needs.

So, why do many of the world’s most respected financial institutions, including the likes of Barclays, ING and Coutts, put their trust in us? We believe it’s because of the core pillars that act as the foundations of Delio's technology...

Distribute deals more effectively

Deliver curated opportunities in an engaging manner to your clients, tailoring and segmenting distribution based on investor preferences and their regulatory profile.

Automate your private markets workflows

Improve operational efficiency and say goodbye to manual, time consuming processes.

Generate client insights and reports

End your reliance on disparate data stored in multiple locations.  Consolidate your private markets data to create a holistic view of your clients' investments, share information and generate reports that add value for key stakeholders.

Reduce your operational risk

Improve your process governance through configurable workflows, document management and digital sign-off.

Institution to institution, deal by deal connectivity

Delio's connected technology enables you to scale your private markets proposition to a global community in a controlled, targeted and highly confidential way.

Technology is at the heart of everything we do. However, we know that digital tools are only as good as the way they are applied to your business. That’s why we take the time to explore and understand the very different needs of the financial institutions we serve, creating tailored solutions that solve your specific challenges.

So, whatever your private market challenge, we are here to help.

Company description

Delio develops digital tools that transform how financial institutions and their clients originate, distribute, transact and report on private market investments



Company: Delio
Category: Portfolio Management
Released: 29 May 2020
Type: Open API