We are a digital network which connects Banks,Corporates and Wealth Managers to access, trade and place deposits globally in a fast, secure and seamless manner. For Private Banks, we provide digital fiduciary deposit solution for their customers to access 'best in class' global deposit rates.

Key features

  • Fiduciary Deposits
  • Term Deposits Marketplace
  • Open Banking Network
  • Price Discovery and Yield Enhancement


DepositBook ( is a UK and UAE based global marketplace for wholesale deposits (High Value Deposits). The platform matches banks with cash allocators (Global Corporates, Funds and Wealth Managers ) looking for yield enhancement and diversification with access to preferential rates from banks across the globe.

DepositBook is an open banking solution transforming the USD 21 trillion wholesale deposit market by creating a digital network which enables a global corporate, institutional and wealth management clients to trade liquidity with global and regional banks in a fast, secure and seamless manner.  

Our platform offers Private Banks and wealth managers a ‘digital fiduciary deposit’ solution to access and offer ‘Best in class ’ deposit rates to their clients. Customers of the Private Bank can discover attractive rates and place deposits with global banks on an ongoing basis . Advisors can use our tool for running optimal cash asset allocation 



Company: DepositBook
Category: Trading
Released: 23 March 2021