Derivatives Strategy Platform

Platform allows investors to build derivatives strategies in seconds setting risk and return parameters and monitoring performance

Key features

  • Build and price option strategies faster than ever before using our intuitive and easy to use tools.
  • Manage client requests directly on our platform and clearly identify the trades that need to be performed.  
  • Visualize your portfolio performance with our advanced analytics allowing you to better understand the impact of the options and underlying security on your results.


CBOE Vest Technologies

We help investors reach their financial goals by making sophisticated investing simple.


At CBOE Vest Technologies, we believe that everyone should benefit from sophisticated investment strategies, not just the wealthiest clients.  

Our goal is to build the world’s fastest and easiest to use system for options strategies. It should be quick to construct trades, precisely fitting the investor’s risk-return profile and it must be easy for the client to understand risks and analyze their holdings performance.

The Vest Platform

Developed for professional and retail investors in trading and wealth management settings our software takes a new approach:  

  • You build options strategies with a visual UI, in seconds you can adjust risk and return parameters and get the price.
  • We avoid traditional, technical strategy names, instead, the starting point is always the goal: protection, leverage, income. Based on this the system figures out how to construct the trades.
  • In the holdings view clients track performance of option strategies without the confusion of looking at a complicated set of long/short options/stock trades.
  • You can distribute trade ideas, recommendations and proposal in an engaging manner via the platform.

RIAs, banks, and brokers use our platform to give their clients an edge, helping them reach their investment goals faster while taking less risk.  

A challenge with options is the perception of complexity, education and clear presentation have therefor always been a part of our work. That is why both and OIC have chosen our technology to help them give retail investors get a better understanding of options trading.  

Company description

CBOE Vest Technologies is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Customers include banks, wealth managers and brokers in the EU and US. The founding team is made up of industry veterans with experience from major fintech companies and investment firms.

Initially launched through the venture firm Y-Combinator (Airbnb, Reddit, Dropbox) as a combined technology and asset management firm, CBOE Vest Technologies became an independent fintech company in early 2017. CBOE Global Markets, Inc., one of the world’s largest exchange holding companies and owner of the CBOE Options Exchange, maintains an indirect minority holding. 



Company: CBOE Vest Technologies
Category: Investment Advisory
Released: 10 December 2018
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