Digital Banking Hub

The CREALOGIX Digital Banking Hub is an innovative, API-based architecture for open banking, allowing a seamless integration with all systems

Key features

  • Scalable and open architecture for sustainable digitization
  • Seamless integration of third parties via APIs and quick implementation of customer-oriented solutions
  • Utilisation and decoupling of business logic from the core banking system and other peripheral systems.
  • A secure connection between the bank and customer as well as the protection against unauthorised access at all technical levels, including customer devices, is ensured.


With our scalable, secure and highly modular software solutions and products, we enable banks to implement their digital banking strategy effectively, quickly and cost-efficiently.The CREALOGIX Digital Banking Hub is an innovative architecture for open banking of the future – online, mobile, or in direct contact with an advisor. The API-based architecture allows for seamless integration with all systems. This means that you are extremely well-equipped to meet the demands of PSD2 and open banking.



Company: Crealogix
Category: Fundamentals
Released: 04 June 2018
Type: Standard Adapter