With DocBrain, you can now build your chatbot in a day and update or maintain the knowledge base automatically without using up your resources. All it takes are 3 simple steps to create a fully functional chatbot. In addition, it can act as a human centric search functionality for your webpage.

Key features

  • Create a fully functional chat bot in 3 easy steps in less than 24 hours from start to implementation
  • Enhance your regular keyword search to an AI based algorithm which understands the entire phrase users type. Dynamic and interactive search that is able to proactively respond and guide the user
  • Analytics which help you understand, where you have most question to and what questions lead to which content
  • Automatic updates of new content available at any given time


What problem are we solving? How did Bot Building begin?

Initially, bots were created using a ‘Flow-based’ technique, where the entire flow of the conversation had to be designed till the last detail. These Bots were simplistic in nature and functioned merely as FAQ bots.

The technology evolved to meet the growing demands

To help respond to more complex queries, users began to employ ‘Intent-based’ chatbots. Here, the Bots relied on a repository of pre-coded ‘intents’ that functioned as triggers to deliver the most accurate response for requests or queries. As the usage of these bots grew, so did the complexities that came with it:

  • Required the user to create complex knowledge bases with many utterances to train the model
  • Needed technical skills to edit the flows
  • Regular high-effort maintenance to stay updated  


As the Bots became sophisticated, so did the effort that went into it. Required an exhaustive repository Users had to manually enter thousands of responses

Our solution

So, we put together the brightest minds in the AI space and produced our revolutionary solution:

With DocBrain, you can now build your chatbot in a day and update or maintain the knowledge base automatically without using up your resources. You no longer must maintain multiple content repositories.

Here is why: The updates made on your website or other knowledge sources will be automatically fetched and updated in your virtual assistant by DocBrain. In other words, we have eliminated a problematic complexity from both your Bot building process and its tedious maintenance.

What do we gain:  

  • 10x Faster and Cheaper than the old way  
  • >500 Enterprise Grade Integrations to connect the AI with Process Automation
  • 100% Automation for Content: Updation and Maintenance
  • Frictionless cloud-based Implementation
  • Re-purpose website as your Knowledge Base

Company description

We believe in the power of conversational AI; we believe in conversing differently, the way we support conversational AI, is by making conversational AI automatically useful, simple to use and integrative for people, we just deliver conversational AI to make your interactions great.

We are an enthusiastic and customer-centric AI company, creating next-generation conversational experience for customers to solve operational business issues. We seek to drive change by disrupting convention and status quo. Our cutting-edge technological solutions, powered by advanced NLP and effective intent analysis, map the entire customer journey to send automated responses in seconds and create an exceptional customer experience (CX). Through our global presence we are able to support you in all aspects be it by chat-, click-, e-mail or voice bot. One platform for your convenience.


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Category: Client Communication Management
Released: 12 October 2022
Type: Open API