Empathy Suite

Real-time video consulting solutions for banks.

Key features

  • empathy gives your company a face again
  • You create a personal connection with your clients
  • Faster and more efficient use of specialists and experts
  • Elimination of travel times and costs for both employees and clients
  • Increased reach, availability and client satisfaction


Since 2004 purpleview develops and sells innovative communication solutions. We recognized more than 10 years ago that personal advice on the Internet will play a major role in the future and so began developing the first solutions. Based on many years of experience, the empathy Suite offers real-time video consulting solutions for banks, insurance companies, healthcare providers and various other industries. As part of an empathy integration, we work very specifically to meet the needs of your target group and the requirements of your workflow. Under the slogan "can not - does not exist" we usually find a suitable solution in a non-bureaucratic and flexible way.



Company: purpleview
Category: Client Communication Management
Released: 25 June 2018
Type: Open API