Enterprise Bot – Omnichannel AI Bot Solution

Enterprise Bot creates AI-powered chat- or voice-bots to provide enterprises with a 24/7 digital agent that improves customer experience and reduces operational costs by up to 40%. Our AI email-triage bots increase speed of response by over 80%.

Key features

  • Ready-to-use multilingual, omnichannel AI solution for banking to automate chat, voice and email requests
  • Enterprise-grade security, option to host the solution on cloud or on premise with pre-built integrations into Avaloq
  • Smart UI elements that predict follow-up questions but also allow users to communicate in natural language
  • Seamless handover to human agents based on sentiment analysis, user requests and other scenarios
  • Detailed dashboard with user access management for in-depth analysis of KPIs


At Enterprise Bot we want to provide clients with the most powerful conversational AI assistant. We do not believe in just responding to users but rather in truly solving customer issues. This is the reason why our AI consistently has one of the highest satisfaction scores in the industry and is focused on an integrated solution. Our bots can answer customers’ questions within seconds at all times, which leads to increases in sales and improved service to customers.

Our email-triage bots use AI and sentiment analysis to automatically forward customers’ emails to the correct department, thus eliminating the need to manually sort incoming emails while reducing response times. Additionally, it can provide agent templates or where confidence level is high can auto send emails and even integrate into existing RPA’s or other solutions to query backend systems.

Our state-of-the-art AI uses word vectors and neural networks to understand natural language with high accuracy and to provide an adequate response. This helps to increase sales with smart recommendation systems and reduce costs by automating tasks. Our algorithm also gains understanding to provide insights into clients’ queries.

Our chatbots and voice bots are available on different channels (website, mobile app, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.) and in several languages (Swiss German, German, English, French, Italian and more). There is also the possibility to easily perform various back-end integrations, as the bot generates JSON output (including all parameters extracted from the conversation) which ensures easy integration into different APIS (e.g. REST, SOAP, MQs or ESBs).

Our new patent pending technology DocBrain, easily ingests any information from websites, pdf’s and other knowledge management systems to create the bot’s knowledge base autonomously. What’s best, content updates are synced autonomously too, thereby significantly reducing maintenance effort. Our CMS has an intuitive and simple user interface that ensures high productivity and automation with minimal training for your support team. It provides the ability to easily change answers and create new content without the need for programming. The chatbot’s knowledge base can also be imported or exported for information transfer. The system’s built-in intuitive dashboard enables real-time tracking of the chatbot’s performance, enabling you to gain meaningful insights and continuously improve performance.

Our system also allows the use of a hybrid approach, where the chatbot can seamlessly hand over to live agents either at the user’s request, through sentiment analysis for unhappy users, or automatically for specific questions. The agents can see the conversation history and enter directly into the chat. This method ensures that no customer query goes unanswered.

The use of our own technology instead of an existing framework such as Microsoft or IBM means that hosting the solution on-site for utmost data security and GDPR compliance is easily possible if desired. Other features of our chatbots include the logging of conversations, management of user access rights and the secure SSL encryption of data during data transfer and storage. We also have Soc2 certification and comply with GDPR data protection.  

We are targeting leading banks and insurance, as well as transport and telecommunication companies to reduce their costs and increase their sales. We offer a simple usage based or a monthly fixed pricing to ensure complete visibility to enterprises and great cost controls. 

Company description

Enterprise Bot creates AI powered chatbots and e-mail bots to automate customer interactions and provide enterprises with a readily accessible digital agent that improves customer experience and reduces operational costs by at least 40% per conversation.



Category: Client Communication Management
Released: 12 November 2019
Type: Open API