ESG Trend and Impact Monitor

Equintel complements existing ESG ratings and assessments with an external, dynamic view on ESG risks, opportunities and trends with the help of external, unstructured data. The solution detects greenwashing bias and anticipates new ESG trends, be they risks or opportunities.

Key features

  • ESG trends and topics for ESG portfolio monitoring and due diligence
  • Dynamic view on ESG topic exposures and trends
  • Peergroup assessment of ESG risks and opportunities
  • ESG standard and impact framework alignment
  • ESG sentiment and geographic clustering of ESG information


Equintel uses Big Data and AI to deliver ESG assessments. 

Their primary goal is to achieve transparency and objectivity in ESG and address the major shortcomings of ESG reporting and ratings. They use large-scale online data to monitor the ESG landscape and extract insights about companies, peer-groups and industries, capturing both risks and opportunities.

Company description

Equintel is a leading provider of ESG insights based on AI and Big Data.



Company: Equintel GmbH
Category: Investment Advisory
Released: 15 May 2023
Type: Open API