Financial Calculator

ti&m offers a set of predefined Banklets™ to display information and provide basic financial planning calculators

Key features

  • Event Handling - Direct connection to a bank solution significantly extends the functionality
  • Activity Stream - Intermediate results can be saved and retrieved at any time or forwarded to the client advisor (for a contact request)
  • Export of data - Export of data in PDF format is supported
  • Modules - Due to the modular approach, the ti & m financial calculator can be easily and quickly adapted to the respective requirements
  • Contact Point - Forwarding the numbers to the client advisor with contact request


The ti&m financial calculators offer a set of predefined functional tiles, which include bank-oriented display functions as well as simple calculators. However, integrated event handling and the connection to a bank solution significantly extend the functionality compared to conventional solutions. Various intermediate statuses and results of the computers can be stored by the registered user and retrieved at any time. In addition, it is possible to forward this data to the client advisor for in-depth discussions. Because these intermediate states are stored in the activity stream, they can also be exported in a suitable format for customer analyzes.


Company: ti&m
Category: Portfolio Management
Released: 29 June 2018
Type: Certified Adapter