GAIN Corporate Actions Master

GAIN Corporate Actions empowers investment management and global custodian firms to keep control over their corporate actions data.

Key features

  • Automates corporate actions announcement data capture from custodians, brokers, vendors and exchanges
  • Maximises deadline management; ensuring time critical events are scrubbed first to allow longer notification and response times
  • Helps firms achieve 80-90% STP rates for high volume events, enabling you to focus on risk sensitive events
  • Future-proofs back office processes by automating the capture, normalisation and validation of announcement data
  • Provides intuitive task management dashboards for end users, management and KPI reporting


GAIN Corporate Actions captures and analyses corporate actions data from multiple sources, ensuring that time critical corporate action events are identified and processed. Pre-packaged workflows and flexible vendor source hierarchy functionality, support intuitive gold copy creation for each corporate action event and significantly increase STP rates. Intuitive parameterization tools empower the business user to define and change business rules without IT involvement.

The solution is delivered with a fully maintained interface to Avaloq. Institutions using the certified GAIN/Avaloq adaptor gain full access to a thoroughly tested, all-in-one, data management solution.

Benefits of GAIN Corporate Actions include:

Efficient Business Operations

  • High STP rates without quality compromise
  • Handle more corporate actions events with the same resources
  • Configurable priority-based event handling maximizes operational efficiency

Regulation, Audit, Control

  • Audit trails of all user activities and data processes provide complete transparency
  • Fast accommodation of regulatory changes and updates
  • Activities monitoring and reporting capabilities for all corporate actions events
  • Standard processes across disparate groups for compliance

High Client Service Standard

  • Proactive management and client support based on the corporate actions events
  • Timely information to internal support staff or client managers
  • Accurate information and well-grounded decision making

Higher Data Quality

  • Consistent data processing across different business entities ensure data consistency within the organization
  • Predictable data outcome across the whole organization



Company: AIM Software
Category: Compliance
Released: 02 August 2018
Type: Certified Adapter