GAIN Pricing Master

GAIN Portfolio Pricing is an award-winning Pricing Master solution dedicated to the management of multiple pricing policies.

Key features

  • A centralized pricing and market data business application dedicated to the pricing of multiple portfolios.
  • Intuitive design for efficient business operations - rich set of productized features designed to maximise straight-through-processing and reduce manual intervention.
  • Modular configuration for fast delivery of regulatory changes.
  • Governance and control: Pricing policies are fully transparent with end-to-end audit trail on all pricing operations.


GAIN Portfolio Pricing is a productized business application dedicated to the central pricing of multiple portfolios. The application provides a central point of control quality, and transparency for pricing funds and portfolios, helping pricing teams to boost straight-through-processing levels and increase their business agility.

The solution is delivered with a fully maintained interface to Avaloq. Institutions using the certified GAIN/Avaloq adaptor gain full access to a thoroughly tested, all-in-one, data management solution.

Key benefits of GAIN Portfolio Pricing include:

  1. Complete control and transparency for pricing policies
    GAIN Portfolio Pricing is a unique solution dedicated to the management of multiple pricing policies. Based on a modular parameterization approach, and directly accessible to business operations users, it allows fast delivery of new funds or changed requirements while ensuring consistent control, versioning, and a complete audit trail for pricing policies across all portfolios.
  2. Maximum automation and efficiency
    GAIN Portfolio Pricing is delivered with a rich set of out-of-the-box validation checks, ensuring quality and correctness of prices while significantly reducing the need for manual intervention. Intelligent exception handling capabilities enable pricing teams to significantly boost their STP levels by automatically applying the resolution of a particular price exception to all affected portfolios. Intuitive monitoring screens help users to ensure that the most urgent tasks are tackled first and that suspect prices are quickly resolved.
  3. Accelerated business agility
    GAIN Portfolio Pricing provides business operations users with the ability to control and maintain the pricing of each portfolio using a comprehensive set of parameterization, dashboard, and monitoring screens. This includes changing the tolerance level, applying a new check due to a regulatory change, or on-boarding a new fund with a non-standard pricing policy.



Company: AIM Software
Category: Compliance
Released: 02 August 2018
Type: Certified Adapter