GAIN Security Master

GAIN Security Master is a productized business application that centralizes and automates the acquisition and management of reference data and securities data across all asset classes.

Key features

  • Complete global coverage for all instruments and asset classes
  • Fully maintained interfaces to major data vendors including Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Interactive Data and SIX Financial Information
  • Intelligent workflows that maximize automation
  • Comprehensive audit capabilities for complete data lineage
  • User friendly dashboards with easy configuration


GAIN Security Master is a productized business application that automates data acquisition, golden copy creation, and distribution of reference data and securities data across all asset classes. Through exception-based processing, various controls and validation rules, GAIN Security Master ensures data quality throughout the end-to-end securities data mastering process.

The solution is delivered with a fully maintained interface to Avaloq. Institutions using the certified GAIN/Avaloq adaptor gain full access to a thoroughly tested, all-in-one, data management solution.

Benefits of GAIN Security Master include:

Efficient Business Operations

  • Central and flexible priority-based task management
  • Optimized data usage through tailored data feed handling
  • Intuitive monitoring dashboards for full transparency on current operations and workload

Governance and Control

  • Accurate and consistent data across multiple systems or business entities
  • Transparent data processes and full traceability through data lineage and audit trail
  • Full support for four-eye workflows
  • Role-based configurations for different levels of data management capabilities

Fast Implementation

  • Effortless data source integration and rule creation using graphical UI
  • Out-of-the-box workflows, UIs, rules, and connectors ensure lower project risk and faster implementation
  • Apply changes to workflows and business rules with a few clicks instead of programming

Lower Ongoing Costs

  • Pre-packaged and fully maintained best practice Business Application
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and life-cycle cost (LCC) compared with toolkit approaches
  • Living community – The users benefit from new functionality added to the product as a collaborative community effort



Company: AIM Software
Category: Market Data & Research
Released: 04 June 2018
Type: Certified Adapter