Glory Adapter Certified by Avaloq

Device Controller to enable connectivity between Avaloq Banking System and Glory’s Teller Cash Recyclers.

Key features

  • Supports Avaloq Banking System
  • Connectivity between Avaloq Banking System and Glory’s Teller Cash Recyclers
  • Optimised for the Avaloq Model Bank (MDB).
  • Utilises the Avaloq Report Writer concept to be in accordance with the Avaloq releases and to provide a state-of-the-art Avaloq interface


Avaloq provides a highly flexible and user-friendly Cashier Operations module for cash transactions. The module allows fast processing of multiple and different use cases in one single order. Besides advice number allocation and interfaces to external systems, integrated currency conversion as well as automatic cost charging and security checks support cashiers in their everyday work. The cashier management functionality assists cashiers in the harmonisation and balancing of cash positions. Flexible ways to enter cash stock inventory, connectivity to the teller safe and the convenient copy functionality reduce the risk of entering incorrect data and enhance the efficiency of cashier management.



Company: Glory Global Solutions
Category: Payment Processing
Released: 04 June 2018
Type: Certified Adapter