ICE Data Services

ICE Data Services provides a comprehensive range of market insights & information including pricing, analytics, indices and exchange data via secure connections.

Key features

  • Pricing & Evaluation - High quality evaluated pricing for securities & portfolio valuations for derivatives. Enhance intraday, real-time decision making with 2.7 million fixed income and international securities priced intraday and end-of-day
  • Analytics - Analyze liquidity, measure best execution, value securities and understand risk
  • Indices - Enhance your benchmarking and performance measurement process
  • Reference Data - 10 million financial instruments, tracking key data points such as terms and conditions, corporate actions, entity linkages and identification information
  • Real Time Content - Aggregated Data & Content from 600+ Sources Worldwide.


ICE Data Services (IDS) provides pricing, analytics and market data to support critical processes across the front, middle and back offices for leading organizations globally. With products such as end-of-day and continuous fixed income evaluated pricing, best execution services, and liquidity metrics, ICE Data Services supports real-time decision-making within financial organizations.

ICE Data Services delivers independent evaluations for approximately 2.7 million fixed income and global equity securities daily, including hard-to-value, thinly traded fixed income issues. IDS provides trusted reference data for more than 11 million financial instruments, and publishes leading market indices to benchmark industry or security performance.



Company: ICE Data Services; Intercontinental Exchange
Category: Market Data & Research
Released: 13 September 2018
Type: Standard Adapter