Independent multi-issuer technology platform for structured products

Halo is a two-sided marketplace connecting investors to structured products offered by leading global financial institutions. Halo is making the structured note market much more efficient for investors and issuers alike and is seeking to change how the world invests!

Key features

  • Instant and competitive pricing of structured products
  • Multi-issuer platform capabilities
  • Pre-trade analytics toolkit, documentation, post-trade management (Lifecycle Management) and portfolio analytics
  • Banks get access to a distribution tool and become an efficient structured product issuer at a low cost  
  • Streamline the structured products issuance and distribution process from production to consumption


Optimize your investments with Halo. Our unique, personalized platform offers the perfect balance of risk and reward, providing financial advisors with access to impactful opportunities, and connecting global financial institutions to a fresh cohort of investors.

Halo for Advisors
Halo gives financial advisors, wealth managers, private banks and RIAs access to a structured product marketplace. Our technology tackles a time-consuming, manual process giving you more time with your clients.

Halo for Issuers
Halo works with issuing banks and global financial institutions to deliver structured products to investors. We’re cutting time and costs by automating issuance, built on a scalable platform with industry-leading technology.

Company description

Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, Halo Investing EMEA is part of the global Halo Investing network, with offices in Chicago, Dubai, and Singapore. Founded in 2015, Halo Investing has over 30 global banking partners, and announced a $100+M Series C funding in October 2021.



Category: Investment AdvisoryPortfolio Management
Released: 15 September 2022
Type: Open API