News Analyzer

Capture the mood of markets & discover topics that drive sentiment trends. YUKKA Lab developed a real-time currency for the sentiment of every company, index, industry and country based on proprietary Augmented Language Intelligence technology.

Key features

  • Master information overload with our Augmented Language Intelligence
  • +200´000 news articles from +20´000 professional financial sources analysed daily
  • Trading inspirations based on sentiment & news volume trends
  • Better timing on the big market cycles based on our sentiment early warning system
  • Always be on top of the news & augment your advisory capabilities to the next level


YUKKA News & Trend Lab offers an organized systematic and efficient overview of topics and trends observed in the professional financial news. The News & Trend Lab was developed to provide asset managers and financial advisors with an information advantage and a minimum time expenditure for the analysis and the evaluation of financial market information. Our software analyzes real-time financial and business news and provides research support for investments. Making it possible to identify… significant trend changes as well as trading volumes in advance, the YUKKA News Lab provides an unmatched information advantage. YUKKA Lab’s self-developed Augmented Language Intelligence is leading edge, combining natural language processing, machine and deep learning. Partnerships with the major news agencies, guarantee access to high-quality content in real-time. Our solution empowers users to unleash the full potential of financial data and gain a competitive edge.

Company description

YUKKA Lab is Berlin and Zürich based company with core competencies in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Our vision is to provide a real time currency for the sentiment of every company, product and topic to help finance professional master information overload and make better informed decisions.



Company: YUKKA Lab
Category: Trading
Released: 29 March 2019
Type: Open API