Omnium Pension Provision (German: Vorsorge-Analyse)

The Pension Provision module is used to create simple provision checks as well as comprehensive in-depth risk analysis. The module covers all cases of disability, death and retirement.

Key features

  • A quick check on the risk cases of disability or death as well as retirement? – Omnium Pension Provision is the answer.
  • An in-depth analysis of these topics? – Just go ahead and enrich the data you entered in the quick check.
  • Smart integration into the Omnium Suite allows reuse of cli-ent data, deep API integration options and customer-specific CI/CD customization.
  • 100% focus on face-to-face advisory including expert views
  • Highly customizable and flexible PDF client document


The level of depth and breadth of functions made available in the module can be tailored to the needs of individual roles of users via choice of two configurable modes.  

Some key aspects are:

  • Income situation in the short and long term in the event of occupational disability due to illness and accident  
  • Income situation for surviving dependents in the event of death due to illness and accident
  • Income when retired  
  • Optimization options

Company description

Braingroup AG is a leader in financial advisory software and digital transformation. Its core competencies include innovative and smart advisory solutions and holistic sales processes for banks, insurance companies and health insurers.

Its flagship product suite Omnium sets new standards in intuitive digital multichannel advisory for self, face-to-face and expert advice. Omnium offers dedicated modules such as finance (mortgages), life and pension planning, wealth management, pension provision, taxes, and basic advice. Thanks to Omnium, the customer interaction becomes a sustainable overall experience which allows 360° life cycle planning.

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Zurich, the software company employs some 60 people.



Company: Braingroup AG
Category: Client Relationship Management
Released: 18 January 2021
Type: Open API