Personal Finance Manager (PFM)

Contovista’s Personal Finance Manager (PFM) is the digital financial assistant that can be easily and seamlessly integrated into any digital banking solution. Thanks to artificial intelligence, transaction data is analysed and enriched. The PFM then provides your customers with useful insights and tips to help them better manage their finances.

Key features

  • Transaction Categorization: Automatically categorizes transactions to help users understand where their money is going.
  • Spending Analysis: Provides insights into spending patterns, identifying areas where users can save money.  
  • Intelligent Tax-Feature: Automatically identifies your customers’ deductible expenses  
  • Subscription Overview: Provides an overview of current subscriptions money spent on subscriptions 
  • Budgeting Tools: Enables users to set and track budgets, helping to manage finances effectively. 


Contovista's Personal Finance Manager (PFM) revolutionizes personal finance with AI, analyzing transactions to provide insights and improve financial habits. Integrated seamlessly into digital banking, it offers a user-friendly interface and personalized guidance. The PFM shines in transaction categorization, spending trend identification, and economizing suggestions, acting as a personal financial coach. It aids in setting and tracking savings goals, alerts on unusual spending, and fosters financial literacy.

Designed for everyone, the PFM makes financial management accessible, presenting data in an understandable way and encouraging proactive financial control. It promotes financial well-being with smart spending and saving insights. Contovista enhances the PFM with the Carbon Footprint Manager and Multibanking solution for environmental impact insights and a unified financial overview.

Contovista's PFM is notable for its intelligent design and user-centric approach, adding significant value to personal finance management. It combines technology with personalized advice, guiding users towards financial goals, representing a modern approach to financial wellness.

Company description

Contovista is a fintech leader specializing in enhancing banking experiences with data-driven insights and AI. It offers Personal Finance Manager (PFM) and Business Finance Manager (BFM) tools, designed to provide actionable financial information for individuals and SMEs. Its solutions integrate into digital banking platforms, improving user engagement through personalized banking experiences.

Leveraging machine learning, Contovista transforms complex financial data into understandable insights, enabling users to improve their financial health. It also offers add-ons like the Carbon Footprint Manager for eco-conscious spending and a Multibanking solution for managing multiple accounts effortlessly.

With a focus on financial literacy and sustainability, Contovista simplifies financial management, making it accessible to a broad audience and establishing itself as a pioneer in the future of digital banking.



Company: Contovista
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Released: 05 March 2024