Qwil Messenger

Qwil Messenger is a single persistent chat app for everyone, allowing clients of multiple firms to safely engage with their staff representatives within a branded space, fully controlled and coordinated by each firm.

Key features

  • Intuitive: Looks and feels like chat. Invite, share, track and be notified in a familiar way.
  • Co-ordinated: Chat & share files with the right participants, at the right time.
  • Verified: Know that users and businesses are who they say they are.
  • Secure & Confidential: Your data is protected and remains private at all times.
  • Compliant: Supports recording requirements for company communications.


Qwil Messenger solves the challenge of making chat safe and compliant when it matters most: between staff, clients and partners. Our platform allows your business to achieve these key objectives: 

  1. To rapidly deploy a digital client offering globally in the form of your own secure, branded communication channel between your staff, partners and clients. 
  2. To ensure that only trusted and verified participants are on your channel as each firm controls the invitation process. 
  3. To increase client satisfaction and engagement by providing a true alternative to email and social chat platforms to chat, transact and share documents. 
  4. To improve productivity of your staff who coordinate chat participants according to the client’s needs, both on web and on mobile. 
  5. And of course, to own and control your business data to meet the latest compliance and data protection regulations (including GDPR) with a full audit trail of all actions and conversations.

Company description

Qwil Messenger solves the challenge of making chat safe and compliant when it matters most: between staff, clients and partners. Our single, global chat app enables participants in any location to engage in branded, professional conversations with their companies whilst meeting the most stringent security and regulatory requirements. However, whilst our offering provides firms with a comprehensive "chat" channel for use in their business, full benefit of such a channel can only be realised via strategic integration of the channel with core platforms used to operate these businesses. As such, Qwil Messenger provides customers access to over 200 enterprise-grade APIs to allow for this integration. As businesses control the data used to setup the platform (including the values used to uniquely identify records for users and groups etc.) this data can also support sophisticated integrated via automated interfaces for a wide range of valuable activities. This not only includes automating system administration activities and synchronisation with your core CRM platform but also catering for: deep-linking from existing apps, automated messaging ChatBots & artificial intelligence, data warehousing, master data integration, automated / service provisioning. Through our partnership with Avaloq, we would envisage the creation of pre-defined integration adapters that would enable many of the above uses cases to be more easily implemented for Avaloq customers. Qwil Messenger (reg. name Network Platform Technologies Ltd), was founded in 2017 and rapidly grew from 3 directors, Peter Reading (CEO), Nicolas Georges (CTO) and Laurent Guyot (CFO) to nearly 20 staff. Qwil Messenger product is commercially ready, built to scale and provide over 200 APIs for integration and automation as business needs evolve.



Category: Investment AdvisoryClient Communication ManagementSecurity
Released: 29 March 2019
Type: Open API