RAQUEST is the leading software that simplifies the entire process of withholding tax optimisation. The solution enables financial institutions to release their clients from double taxation automatically and in the fastest way possible: through relief at source, quick refund or reclaim.

Key features

  • Bulk processing
  • Multilingualism and multi-currency ability
  • Profitability audit & deadline monitoring
  • Connection to core banking systems
  • Dashboard and reporting


Financial institutions around the globe are struggling to improve customer retention. Providing their clients with profitable services will play a crucial role in securing long-term customer satisfaction. One of these services is the recovery of foreign withholding taxes, which is bureaucratic and unprofitable - but important, as without it investors lose billions each year to foreign tax authorities.

We enable financial institutions to process applications for the reclaim of their client’s withholding taxes in an easy, yet highly efficient way – and to offer a service that both banks and clients will highly profit from.

​​​​​​With RAQUEST, the entire process is significantly accelerated and simplified – from the initial import of clients’ data to the final booking. RAQUEST releases customers from double taxation by choosing the fastest way possible: relief at source, quick refund or reclaim. As such, RAQUEST is the only software that covers the entire process of optimizing withholding tax digitally.

Company description

RAQUEST GmbH is a vibrant fintech that has developed the leading software for simplifying withholding tax procedures. We thrive in an environment where innovation and knowledge meet. This is why we have created RAQUEST - an easy yet reliable tool for relief at source and reclaim of foreign withholding taxes. As a subsidiary of Halvotec Information Services GmbH, RAQUEST GmbH has been built by experts in digitization and process automation. Dedicated to carry our vision to simplify the process of tax withholding tax recovery around the world, we are eager to take the next step in further growth.



Company: RAQUEST GmbH
Category: Taxes
Released: 15 March 2021
Type: Open API