TaxSource GmbH

Your partner for tax compliance of national and international private clients. We deliver country specific tax statements and reports.

Key features

  • Full outsourcing provider and tax reporting for national and international private clients
  • Standard interface: Fast implementation, one interface for all country modules and zero internal maintenance effort
  • Over 25 country specific tax reports (e.g. Germany, Spain, Switzerland, UK, USA, etc.)
  • Data quality assurance: Data enrichment, qualification of corporate actions, assesment of financial instrument types, tax information and tax support


Worldwide Taxsource works with over 75 banking groups and outsourcing providers for the production of the tax reports for their private clients.

The market leading software solution AlphaTax contains more than 25 country modules as Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Russia, United Kingdom, United States, etc.. Our customer benefits from low implementation costs, high stability with our standard interface being used for all country modules and a software solution without internal maintenance costs for the bank or the service provider.

For each country module, the tax rules are integrated and present the following information:

  • Declaration of income
  • Capital gain calculations
  • Withholding tax
  • Bank fees and debit interest
  • Wealth and debt statement
  • Tax simulation

The outsourcing services of Taxsource cover the complete cycle of the tax report production applying a transparent pricing model.

By using a multilevel data quality assurance process time consuming tasks such as data enrichment, qualification of corporate actions, identification of financial instrument types, etc., are reduced for the bank or the service provider.

The high quality tax reporting includes the corporate identity standards and design requirements of the bank.

Our solution is continuously maintained and updated with the latest tax law changes. Qualified tax consultancies and tax expertise partners support the yearly update process of the tax reporting solution.

Taxsource clients are provided with a yearly tax newsletter including key tax law changes as part of the tax knowledge sharing with the bank.



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