Unblu’s Conversational Platform consists of a range of digital products designed to empower wealth managers and advisors to deliver advice that’s more personalized, flexible, and efficient. Unblu’s platform enables a secure digital relationship between advisors and clients.

Key features

  • Secure Messenger puts a trusted advisor in your customer's pocket
  • Video & Voice allows you to meet your customers in a secure and compliant way.
  • Co-Browsing & Screen Sharing let you collaborate in real-time with your customers
  • Complete set of APIs to support all kind of integrations: chatbots, 3rd party messenger, e-signature and much more.


We allow financial institutions to:  

  • Put an advisor in their client's pocket
    Digital tools like messaging or video calls offer customers a choice of communication channels. allowing them to speak with their advisor whenever, wherever, and however, they want.  
  • Build a trustworthy relationships with clients
    Every conversation is an opportunity to get to know your customers, to be helpful, relate to them, and ultimately guide them through their financial decisions.
  • Leverage the moment of truth
    When the moment is right, sit down with your client and walk them through the investment opportunities. When they understand the risk they are more likely to go for it.  
  • Increase client's satisfaction and number of transactions
    Technology has the potential to dramatically boost a client’s satisfaction if the right digital tools are used to enhance the customer journey.

Company description

Unblu's Conversational Platform empowers financial institutions to make every online conversation meaningful and profitable. By using Unblu, financial institutions increase online conversions, deliver better customer experience and build successful business relationships. With over 150 implementations in the financial industry worldwide, institutions such as UBS, Deutsche Bank or BNP Paribas are using our solutions to deliver the conversational experience online.



Company: Unblu
Category: Client Communication Management
Released: 24 March 2021