upSWOT created a white-label business health dashboard powered with 160+ API-enabled apps to power UHNW/HNW individuals, small and medium-sized businesses and wealth managers/advisors with actionable insights, accurate cash flow forecasts, and personalized advice.

Key features

  • Number of apps available: 160+
  • Customers retention growth: 89%
  • Churn rate reduction: 27%
  • Cross and up-sell growth: 18%
  • Customers adoption rate: 21%


The platform is a white-labeled portal (available as SaaS or deployed into Bank’s secured cloud) connected with the online/mobile banking application. UHNW/HNW individuals, small and medium-sized business clients can easily connect their QuickBooks, Xero, Salesforce, and 160+ other business-critical SaaS applications to digital banking in several clicks to get the accurate cash flow forecast, actionable insights, and personalized advice.  

Data is aggregated in real-time and thousands of signals are analyzed to help UHNW/HNW individuals, small and medium-sized business clients better understand the health of their businesses via interactive dashboards.

On the back-end, upSWOT surfaces meaningful data for relationships managers, wealth managers, and advisors to upsell the right products and services while building more meaningful and longer-lasting relationships.

All the functionality like access to personal and business credit scores, actionable insights, KPIs, cashflow forecasts are available as the ready-to-use and customizable product and through RESTful APIs for those who want to build their own UX/UI experience.

By combining all the data in one place powered with actionable insights, banks clients get an executive cockpit to monitor all their assets in one place and put the finger on the pulse of their business.

Company description

upSWOT company serves banks and financial institutions supporting them to build loyalty and increase engagement among their SME clients. The platform is a white-labelled business health dashboard that powers online/mobile banking platforms with 160+ API-enabled apps. SMEs can connect their data for continuous, API-enabled access to QuickBooks, Xero, Salesforce, and 160+ other critical business applications to get accurate cashflow forecast, actionable insights, personalized advice, and boost business credit score powered by the largest bureaus.



Company: Upswot Inc.
Category: Digital Channels
Released: 15 July 2021