Empower SME customers with data-driven embedded finance tools.

Key features

  • Powered by only API-enabled data from 100+ business apps.
  • More tools: cash management, KPIs, business valuation, actionable insights, and eight other customizable widgets packed in three lines of code only.
  • upSWOT save years with the ready-to-use, customizable products which you don’t need to build.
  • Underwriting done right. Make business loans based on the business performance and projections, not just the owner.  
  • Early warning system. It helps relationship managers immediately see critical changes in a client’s business activity. 


upSWOT technology serves banks and financial institutions, helping build loyalty and grow engagement among their small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) clients using embedded finance and business management tools as a part of their value proposition. It's a white-label embedded business management platform designed to enhance online/mobile banking, features are powered by 100+ API-enabled apps, data from core and digital banking providers, and banking aggregators. Business customers have the opportunity to connect their data for continuous, API-enabled access to QuickBooks, Xero, Salesforce, Stripe, Shopify, and other business-critical SaaS applications.

Data is cleaned, structured, and transformed into actionable insights, accurate cash flow forecasts, KPIs, cash management tools, treasury management tools, benchmarking business evaluations, and many other prompts that help SMBs better understand the health of their businesses, make better decisions and scale their businesses faster.

This creates new areas of value, efficiency & time savings for business users while increasing digital banking engagement with the FI. Ultimately this leads to greater customer relationship value.

Company description

upSWOT is a white-label data-driven embedded business management enhancement for online/mobile banking.  

Our solution provides various tools that enrich the bank’s/FI’s ecosystem and are part of their value proposition.  

The solution can be delivered to the client in several ways:

  • Web components (widgets)
  • Dashboard
  • API pipe



Company: Upswot Inc.
Category: Digital Channels
Released: 15 July 2021
Type: Open API