WTax - Foreign Withholding Tax Recovery Optimization

WTax is a foreign withholding tax (WHT) recovery specialist that provides wholly-outsourced recovery solutions, aimed at optimizing WHT recovery processes and capabilities. WTax attends to all administrative, technical and practical tasks to unlock recoveries in over 30 jurisdictions.

Key features

  • Fully-outsourced foreign withholding tax recovery services
  • Success fee basis only: no refund, no fee
  • Real-time reporting and monitoring via online reporting portal


WTax - Foreign Withholding Tax Recovery Optimization

WTax is a division of the VAT IT Group, comprising 40 wholly-owned global offices and over 1,300 full-time staff. WTax services over 4,000 clients globally, with collective assets under management in excess of $5 trillion.

WTax identifies and pursues all unclaimed foreign withholding tax (WHT) on behalf of its clients, utilising all available reclaim and relief methodologies in all jurisdictions, to the fullest extent of the Statute of Limitations.

WTax’s vision of a truly automated reclaim process, coupled with two decades of indirect tax recovery experience and know-how, removes the administrative burden associated with the often complex WHT reclaim process. Its state-of-the-art processing capabilities combine a technology-driven solution with a team of highly-specialised accountants and lawyers, providing an unparalleled tax reclaim service.

WTax’s relationships with more than 150 custodian banks worldwide, ensure the most efficient data and document acquisition, as well as expedited claim submissions and refunds.

Their reclaim service directly improves investment performance (often by more than 10 bps per annum) and allows for greater focus on core investment functions.

WTax operates on a success fee model to ensure that its interests are aligned with those of its clients.

WTax’s service is available to a wide variety of clients, including — amongst others — custodian- and private banks, asset managers, fund managers, pension funds, insurance companies, foundations and individuals. ​​​​​​​

Company description

Foreign Withholding Tax Recovery Specialist



Category: Taxes
Released: 27 November 2020