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CHF in client assets managed using Avaloq software

A selection of our clients

The Avaloq Core solution enables AKB to quickly and continuously integrate new functionality.Visit Website
Adam & Company, Avaloq's first UK client, went live in 2011Visit Website
Avaloq's first Chinese client, Agricultural Bank of China, went live in 2012 Visit Website
apoBank selected Avaloq platform to accelerate digital transformation and BPaaS for securities processingVisit Website
Has been leveraging Avaloq’s BPaaS solution since 2017 to increase its operational efficiencyVisit Website
The Avaloq Core solution empowers the bank to handle front-to-back-office processes efficientlyVisit Website
By choosing a BPaaS solution, the bank has achieved a 100% STP rate in payments and reduced its CIR by 8ppVisit Website
Crèdit Andorrà’s Spanish branch has worked with Avaloq since 2013Visit Website
J. Safra Sarasin has run its global business from a single operations centre since switching to AvaloqVisit Website
A member of the Avaloq community since 2008Visit Website
The Swiss branch of Crédit Mutuel's private banking business has relied on Avaloq since 2009Visit Website
The bank chose BPaaS to support its strategic M&A activity, enabling it to absorb new acquisitions in 90 daysVisit Website
One of the Luxembourg's main financial institutions, Banque de Luxembourg, joined the Avaloq community in 2007Visit Website
The switch to Avaloq technology enabled the Crèdit Andorrà Group to improve its cross-border activitiesVisit Website
Has relied on Avaloq since 2012Visit Website
Has relied on Avaloq since 1999Visit Website
Chose Avaloq for the ability to create new applications and seamlessly integrate 3rd party solutionsVisit Website
BKB and Bank Cler use the same core banking solution to leverage synergies across the whole value chainVisit Website
The private banking unit of BBVA has relied on Avaloq's BPaaS and web banking solutions since 2015Visit Website
BG Suisse, a Swiss subsidiary of Banca Generali, chose Avaloq’s SaaS and BPaaS solutions in 2022 to launch a new digital banking platformVisit Website
Banque Internationale à Luxembourg has used Avaloq’s BPaaS solution to support its M&A growth strategies Visit Website
BPI chose a SaaS solution to improve customer experience and boost the efficiency of 5 business unitsVisit Website
In 2019, Brewin Dolphin selected Avaloq to transform its back-office infrastructure through its SaaS solutionVisit Website
BTFG's digital platform that was built using Avaloq supports a wide range of products including superannuationVisit Website
BZ bank migrated to an Avaloq solution in just four monthsVisit Website
In 2013, Canaccord chose Avaloq to support its growth plans and add scale to its operational capabilitiesVisit Website
The start-up bank implemented an Avaloq solution in just 90 daysVisit Website
CFG chose Avaloq to support its rapid expansion and system modernization, replacing five legacy systemsVisit Website
With Avaloq, CNCBI has been able to provide more comprehensive WM services to a wider range of clientsVisit Website
CIMB, the second-largest bank in Malaysia, has been a member of the Avaloq Community since 2019Visit Website
To meet future regulatory and process demands, Bank Cler chose Avaloq to replace its outdated in-house systemVisit Website
Switched from a 35-year-old system to an Avaloq solution in one swoopVisit Website
Switch to Avaloq brought the CIR below 60% and enabled expansion into new geographies within 4-6 monthsVisit Website
Chose Avaloq as the best multi-asset, multi-currency, front-to-back office advisory solution for the AU marketVisit Website
Chose Avaloq Core to consolidate and upgrade its international business, and deliver quality private banking servicesVisit Website
After adopting Avaloq, DBS saw improvements in its efficiency and time to market for new productsVisit Website
Relies on Avaloq in several countries in Europe and Asia, with the Swiss entity migrating onto BPaaS within 13 monthsVisit Website
The move to a SaaS solution helped increase STP rates and optimize the cost-effectiveness of expansion plansVisit Website
FAB selected a BPaaS solution to support the continued growth and further digitalization of its businessVisit Website
Chose Avaloq because of its multi-entity capability and advanced wealth management functionalityVisit Website
Haitong International chose the Avaloq Wealth platform to bring premium experience to its clientsVisit Website
Introduced an Avaloq solution to increase flexibility and improve control over assetsVisit Website
HSBC chose Avaloq for its ability to support a global business model, as well as for its functional richnessVisit Website
Avaloq's BPaaS solution supports IHAG’s focus on market growthVisit Website
Industrial Bank chose Avaloq to provide broad digital WM services to its HNW clients in a new offshore branchVisit Website
İşbank chose Avaloq to standardise processes and improve operational efficiencyVisit Website
In 2015, Kaiser Partner Privatebank migrated to a BPaaS solution in only 9 monthsVisit Website
Kasikornbank chose Avaloq to support the future growth of its KBank Private Banking armVisit Website
The majority of LGT Private Banking booking platforms use Avaloq, enabling a high level of operational efficiencyVisit Website
Using Avaloq technology for a group-wide platform allows LLB to react quickly to new challengesVisit Website
LUKB provides its clients with a state-of-the-art online banking experience by using Avaloq digital channelsVisit Website
Indonesia’s largest banking group chose Avaloq to enhance its wealth management unitVisit Website
After the rollout of Avaloq for the private banking segment, Maybank also extended it to its Premier clients Visit Website
By using Avaloq, Coutts (part of NatWest Group) has made major savings, improved efficiency and go-to-market timeVisit Website
Nomura's Wealth Management Division uses Avaloq to process its front-end to back-end transactionsVisit Website
NORD/LB Luxembourg chose Avaloq as a strategic partner to support its growing businessVisit Website
Since switching to Avaloq in 2007, Pictet has run its global business from a single operations centreVisit Website
Switched to an Avaloq BPaaS solution in 2010Visit Website
Introduced a BPaaS solution to increase speed, efficiency and robustnessVisit Website
Live since 2004 after a project time of only 10 months Visit Website
Switzerland’s most modern retail banking platform serving 253 banksVisit Website
The Singapore branch of RBC started working with Avaloq in 2014 Visit Website
The bank chose Avaloq's BPaaS to simplify its application landscape and increase its operational efficiency Visit Website
Since 2012, Rothschild has been using the Avaloq platform to manage front-to-back office processes efficientlyVisit Website
Chose Avaloq to enhance the investment management services and support business growthVisit Website
Chose Avaloq because of its modular approachVisit Website
The Avaloq Core solution boosts SGKB's efficiency in handling front-, middle- and back-office processesVisit Website
Switched to Avaloq because of its broad functional coverage, adaptability, and integration flexibilityVisit Website
Picked Avaloq’s core banking system in 2022 to build a state-of-the-art wealth management platformVisit Website
Chose Avaloq Core to improve efficiency and Digital Channels to deliver a modern e-banking client experienceVisit Website
Switched to an Avaloq BPaaS solution in 2016Visit Website
Switched to an Avaloq BPaaS solution in 2016Visit Website
Chose an Avaloq front-to-back solution, notably for its powerful digital capabilitiesVisit Website
Chose Avaloq Banking Suite for its outstanding stability and performanceVisit Website
Switched to Avaloq technology in place of 20+ legacy systemsVisit Website

Laying the foundation for the digital future of Switzerland’s third-largest bank

Raiffeisen and Avaloq have jointly developed Switzerland’s most innovative retail banking platform for the Raiffeisen group of banks. This success story showcases the true impact of Avaloq’s solutions.