Turn artificial intelligence and data
into powerful insights

Ease interaction with clients

Power your front office with AI. Minimize manual data entry by using the latest Natural Language Processing technology, or make meeting preparation better and more efficient with customized AI-powered client recommendations.

Fully leverage data

Most financial institutions only use a fraction of their available data. With AI and advanced analytics you can find new ways to increase efficiencies, cut operational costs, create new services and ensure informed decision-making.

Minimize complexity and cost to serve

Lower back-office operational costs by letting machine learning and other AI techniques handle time-consuming tasks, which, in turn, leads to an overall lower cost of service.

Improve customer-centricity

Offer your clients more personalized products and advice by leveraging available data and letting advanced algorithms power solution delivery.

Avaloq helps turn
big data into insights

Get a service partner
who understands your data

Lower integration complexity – faster time to market

Getting started with AI and advanced analytics can be complex, and usually involves your Data Scientists spending most of their time sourcing and prepping data.

Avaloq can provide you with an end-to-end AI solution, including integrated enterprise data lakes with data consistency guaranteed. These ensure you get the right data to start high-business-value tasks like predictive capabilities. Avaloq brings all the right components and tools together to fully embed the power of AI in your business, on-premises or as a service.

Increase the value of deep learning

Our AI and data science solutions use state-of-the-art deep learning techniques to maximize the value of AI and advanced analytics. With our industry-specific know-how powering better algorithms, and a collection of the right data and volume, we enable our clients to get more value out of deep learning.

By connecting different data sources, including third-party data like news and applying AI, Avaloq can provide automation processing for suggestions on investment opportunities, risk assessments and much more. 

Unlimited potential of
AI, data & insights in banking

Data is being democratized
– are you ready?

The benefits of using AI across all business areas in the financial services industry is undisputed, but unleashing this potential requires getting and using data. A recent Avaloq poll among 208 wealth managers from leading institutions, indicated that AI and advanced analytics are not being fully exploited.

Generally, we see that the data is there, and there is a clear trend towards democratizing that data, so non-technical people can start asking questions and get the insights. At Avaloq, we follow this trend closely and help enable it by opening up our ecosystem and making data accessible to anyone that needs it.

Source: Avaloq

Up to 25% savings

A bank can expect potential savings of between 20% and 25% across IT operations from AI.

Source: Accenture study 2018


of banking and wealth management professionals view AI, robotics and automation as some of the most significant developments in the financial services industry.

Source: Avaloq study 2019

$5.6 billion

spent on AI-enabled solutions by the banking industry. This is the second largest AI spend globally after retail.

Source: IDC 2019

AI and data represents a big opportunity for financial institutions. Find out why in our whitepaper.

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