Future-proof your business
with an agile, scalable core platform

Your core platform should never get in the way of your clients’ unique needs – or your ability to grow. Designed for fintech integration and built for the new era of open banking, our core banking platform is fast, flexible and scalable – and has more than proved its worth, with 150+ financial organizations worldwide relying on it for day-to-day operations. Covering USD 4tn in global assets between them.

Deliver smooth services that have long-lasting impact

The purpose of our core platform is to reduce redundancies, streamline operations and ensure your staff can focus on high-value tasks. Because that’s how you can deliver faster, more flexible service to your clients.

  • Eliminate manual tasks in almost all back-office processes
  • Streamline your management approach
  • Integrate solutions 
  • Ensure maximum reliability 

Avaloq Core helps manage the complex, for simpler operations

Core banking software that is future proofed

Avaloq Core banking software empowers your business to move forward. Enabling you to adapt to the fast-changing business environment by unlocking the full potential of your data – so you can launch new services at a rapid pace. 

Unmatched data consistency

Our single, unified semantic model guarantees unmatched data consistency and integrity, supporting all your clients – from retail savers to ultra-high-net-worth individuals.

A flexible, modular platform

Choose between more than 70 core banking software modules and digital solutions: from lightning-fast web and mobile services, to reliable, efficient and economical middle- and back-office solutions.

Out-of-the box efficiency

We combine out-of-the-box efficiency with the flexibility to run ‘as is’. As well as make room to create customized services that will make you stand out from the competition.

Fully secure data

Securing your clients’ data is at the core of what we do. You can’t afford to risk their trust – and it’s our job to make sure you don’t have to.

Check in with our clients running on Avaloq Core

What do financial organizations like LGT, Deutsche Bank and Maybank have in common? They all benefit from optimized efficiency – supported by our core banking software.

“This new core banking system allows us to provide our employees with a new platform. With this, Raiffeisen Switzerland is laying the foundation for the agile implementation of future digital projects. We would like to thank everyone at Avaloq and ARIZON who has been involved in the project for their constructive and professional work.”

Rolf Olmesdahl

COO and Member of the Executive Board of Raiffeisen Switzerland

Recognized by leading industry analysts

Gartner named Avaloq as a leader in its 2018 Magic Quadrant for Global Retail Core Banking.

Forrester highlighted Avaloq as one of the few large, established players in the digital banking platform market in their Q4 2019 Now Tech report.

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Implementing a private bank in just six months

In 2014, Industrial Bank – which has thousands of branches spread across major cities in China – decided to enter the Hong Kong market. With our support, the bank was able to set up a fully functional platform in just 6 months. And so, thanks to our full commitment to their tight implementation timeline, we helped Industrial Bank remain relevant in a fast-paced industry. 

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Efficiency is our number-one goal

Efficiency is in our DNA. It’s what makes us, and it’s what powers our growth. Giving our clients a unique competitive advantage that pays off day by day, year by year.

One platform.
Multiple client segments.

Our core platform provides a continuum of capabilities from wealth management to retail banking. It also hosts a broad range of functionalities addressing a wealth of banking needs, from payments to complex structured products. That’s why it’s perfect for financial institutions that serve multiple client segments. 

Efficiencies delivered in the front line

IT costs slashed by 27%, as 35 systems were replaced with Avaloq

Cost-income ratio down 7pp, IT expenses down 20%, overall operating costs 8% lower

Cost-income ratio driven down 8pp in just two years

User-friendly technology.
Made to be used.

We design technology around people – not functions. That’s why our core banking software is intuitive and easy to use, both for financial staff and account holders. We collaborate with financial institutions and wealth managers around the world – as well as their staff and clients – to shape our human-centric approach.

Avaloq web and mobile solutions

Deliver a great user experience fast with our secure cloud-based web and mobile solutions. We offer a comprehensive range of self-service tools and financial information, mobile workplace solutions and several online services including wealth advisory services, client acquisition and onboarding.

Customisable to meet your needs

Our core platform is built with the right level of standardisation to enable rapid implementation. It’s ready out of the box. It is also easily customisable for clients with special requirements.

Fast and easy third-party integrations

With an open architecture and robust APIs, Avaloq Core makes integration with thirdparty solutions fast and easy. Enhance your capabilities with more than 100 pre-integrated fintech solutions from Avaloq.one Ecosystem.

Give your back-office staff more control

Helping legal, risk and compliance professionals improve their accuracy

It is paramount to arm back-office professionals with systems that come with a single truth. Integrated, core banking solutions deliver this as they ensure accuracy, as few errors as possible, and the delivery of information that is always up-to-date. So that those guiding and supporting their companies can do so in the best way.

Bring efficiency to the back-office without compromising quality

At the heart of every financial institution is data. It is solid data that ensures quality, precision and reliability. Every day, your back-office group works to ensure this – and deliver the best decision-making foundation in the process. Integrated data management is paramount – and you need high automation and STP rates. 

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