Achieve speed, scale and greater impact

The Ecosystem –
bringing financial institutions and fintechs together

We’re helping financial institutions create their own solutions: either using Avaloq sandboxes and APIs or by integrating with fintech solutions available on the marketplace. Discover the easy way to collaborate and innovate – on one platform.

Take innovation to the next level

Innovation rarely occurs as an isolated process. At Avaloq, we aim to foster collaboration. That’s why we’re connecting banks to fintech partners, enabling you to enhance and complement your current capabilities. 
So that you can reduce time-to-market, benefit from ready-to-use sandboxes and APIs and take innovation to the next level.

Meet changing customer expectations with more than 100 solutions

Even the most innovative financial institutions can’t always keep up with new technologies. Luckily, the new era of open banking has unleashed a world of opportunities:
•    Co-innovation with fintechs and technology partners
•    Rapid introduction of new services and functionality
•    Fully integrated services and applications via appropriate third parties

We’re the leading integration partner for financial institutions

We take a user-centered approach.
Meaning no slides – just prototypes

We’re inviting banks and wealth managers to collaborate through 2, 5 or 10-day design sprints. Because we know that by teaching you to use our ecosystem with an open design mindset, we’ll help you drive faster internal stakeholder alignment and build even better client experiences – with faster time-to-market. 

Speed – improve time-to-market

Scouting, contracting, and onboarding fintechs – not to mention ensuring they are compliant – can be a time consuming process. With, financial institutions can access innovative fintech solutions in weeks.

  • Fintech onboarding and validation in as little as two weeks
  • Seven-page standard contract 
  • Light compliance check
  • Developer documentation
  • Ready-to-use APIs and sandboxes

Scale – boost Innovation

Building one-to-one integration between a bank or wealth manager and a fintech takes time and cannot be done to scale. With the Ecosystem, we offer a number of technologies that remove these barriers.

  • 7,500 industry-standard REST APIs
  • 400+ open APIs
  • On demand APIs in weeks
  • Off-the-shelf, plug-and-play integration with Avaloq Banking Suite
  • Seamless integration with your core banking system

Impact – take advantage of best-of-breed solutions

Integrate market-leading fintech solutions that have been tested, integrated and validated – before delivering them to your clients as part of their banking experience.

  • Provide the opportunity to develop new revenue pools 
  • Generate revenue earlier for all participants
  • Give clients the infrastructure and tools needed to boost their own solutions
  • Offer access to highly specialized skill sets
  • Provide Avaloq-validated solutions
21 January 2020

The Ecosystem - a new marketplace for B2B FinTechs

Podcast - Voice of Fintech

Anders Christensen talks about the Ecosystem.

Connecting banks and wealth managers with fintechs

Explore the ecosystem – the heart of our ecosystem

Our open banking infrastructure forms the rock-solid foundation for, the platform that makes up our ecosystem, making it easy to address challenges with practical, innovative solutions.

An open, diverse marketplace

The Ecosystem offers access to a marketplace with 100+ fintechs and services, where financial institutions can discover and access innovative, effective – and Avaloq-approved – third-party solutions.

A convenient portal for developers

With our platform, developers from across fintechs, partners, banks or wealth managers can easily access the tools and materials they need to develop complementary solutions.

A cloud sandbox for testing

Use the cloud sandbox for integration testing and gain access to the complete Avaloq Banking Suite, configured as a model bank complete with synthetic data.

Standardized contracting

Take advantage of standardized contracting using the Avaloq procurement process, for easy onboarding and verification of third-party products and services.

Join the Fintech Tuesday community

High-profile events that bring together fintechs, investors, clients, prospects, banks, wealth managers and partners. See the latest demos, promote your client success or showcase your latest product in the marketplace – and to the entire Avaloq community.

Global fintech connectivity offers global fintech connectivity and collaboration across major fintech hubs in Switzerland, London, Edinburgh, Berlin, Copenhagen, Malta, Singapore and Hong Kong.

The Innovation Hub

Take part in the Innovation Hub at our Community Conferences, where banks and wealth managers can get a sneak peek at new and specialized solutions.

Access to fintech investors

The Ecosystem provides access to fintech investors, including our own investment arm, Avaloq Ventures – with the funding to back promising innovations and nurture them from concepts to fully-fledged banking applications. We also offer banks and UHNW clients the possibility to buy into the fund as an alternative investment opportunity.

7,500 REST APIs. 400+ open APIs. APIs on-demand

Make use of our standardized REST APIs, designed to eliminate all the traditional hassles and complexities involved in integrating products from different fintech partners. And if the API is not there? Well, we’ll build, test and integrate it for you in weeks.

Want to start using open APIs?

For open APIs, you need to deploy the OpenShift Kubernetes platform as part of your core infrastructure. That’s because the fintech solutions are based on microservices and require the same infrastructure as future versions of the Avaloq Banking Suite (starting with version 4.9). We also offer other integrations so contact us and, together, we can find the right solution and technology for you.

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