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Empower advisors to do what they do best: provide sound advice

The Avaloq Wealth platform empowers advisors to provide highly personalised advice and bespoke services, while reducing the time spent on preparing and analysing investment proposals. The platform works with all asset classes, is powered by a high level of automation and offers unmatched usability, designed for your relationship managers and clients. All of this helps advisors excel and improves profitability for any financial institution.

Smarter, faster client advice

Today, wealth management advisors need to meet new sets of client demands, while increasing their own productivity. They need smart digital tools that help them:

  • Efficiently provide highly intelligent and actionable investment strategies 
  • Make the investment journey as easy as possible for clients
  • Make informed decisions quickly
  • Provide impactful advice that delivers alpha

The digital tools advisors
need to work smarter and faster

Avaloq Wealth keeps advisors on their toes and empowers them to offer more personalised products and services to their clients. 

Increased productivity

Avaloq Wealth increases competitiveness through faster, lower-cost advisor-led services.

  • Born-digital wealth management
  • Robo- or hybrid advice modules
  • Microservice architecture

Data for untapped insights

Win and create long-term client relationships by gaining insights and serving custom solutions when they are ready.

  • Standardised single data model
  • Data insights turned into clear 360º client view
  • Predictive processing

Superior digital experiences

Take advantage of the integration to digital channels, offering consistent up-to-date information, and easy-to-use functionality. 

  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface and functions
  • Real-time simulation
  • Client segmentation and campaign management

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Making premium wealth
management advice more accessible

In an increasingly complex world, our aim is to build solutions that allows our clients to extend their financial services to a broader audience at a lower cost. 

Real-time client engagement, higher acceptance rates

Your advisors get access to smart digital tools that reduce administration and support real-time client engagement. Enhanced by user-friendly interfaces and intuitive navigation, the client experience is always on, letting them know what’s happening with their money in real-time.

Interactive advisory tools

With external market data integrated, advisors can take clients through simulated investment journeys. Get an overview of the portfolio, actions and risk level. Show what happens when variables change, including expected return and standard deviation. Give instant feedback and help clients understand exactly what they’re paying for.

Convert stories into actionable investment strategies

Access the information and insights you need to deliver confident advice. The Avaloq Wealth content tool manages and distributes macro- and microeconomic research and converts ‘investment stories’ into actionable investment strategies and portfolio relevant insights.

Built to meet the needs of wealth managers and clients alike

Whether your goal is to enhance advisory services, strengthen your relationships or provide a seamless client experience, Avaloq Wealth has all your and your clients’ needs covered.

Relationship managers can up their game

By spending more time with your clients and meeting their expectations, you will earn their confidence and loyalty to your services. Avaloq Wealth offers a clear client overview, provides risk profiles, displays investment opportunities and helps build investment strategies easily – all to help engage and retain your clients. 

Wealth clients can view their investments

Many of today’s clients want to be in control, accessing their investment services wherever they are 24/7 – actively engaging in investment decisions and choosing their own service options. Avaloq Wealth offers a 360º view of their portfolio, continuous online self-service, performance monitoring and personal recommendation and portfolio modelling. 

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