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Avaloq has designed its solutions with customization and collaboration in mind, bringing together the best tools for the job and a world-class banking and wealth management platform – on top of which you can rapidly deploy your in-house technology and services. Create new functionality, add off-the-shelf, third-party components and combine everything seamlessly in a single application that offers a rich, unified user experience.

Architecture for the digital future

The future for every financial institution is optimal end-to-end digital services. We have developed architecture that delivers excellent system performance and availability while meeting your requirements for open web interfaces, high scalability, low latency and a world-class user experience.

All you need

Key elements include the use of Java and AngularJS/Angular 8+-based applications and microservices for user engagement, combined with robust, battle-tested back-end functionality, written in PL/SQL and running on Oracle. We also make full use of containerization for our SaaS solution.

Leveraging open-source software

We are increasingly using open technologies to boost operational efficiency, scope and flexibility. Our open API initiative delivers a broad spectrum of REST business APIs, structured to match the BIAN business domains. The building blocks of the Avaloq platform utilize open standards and open source software. In return, we also feed our knowledge back into the open source community.

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A platform with three distinct layers

With a three-layer structure, flexible customization strategies at each level, and the support of our worldwide network of IT experts, make your system do exactly what you need it to. Now and in the future.

Presentation layer – a modular approach to user interfaces

Our UIs can be combined and recombined to create powerful web applications that match your clients’ needs. As long as our APIs and Serial Peripheral Interfaces (SPIs) are used, it doesn’t matter whether a module is your own creation, an Avaloq product or if a third party has developed it.

A fast and flexible UI framework

Avaloq provides a set of UI libraries, run-time services and development tools that make integrating with your web applications fast and simple. This makes it quick and easy to:

  • Modify the navigation flows of your applications
  • Integrate device-aware functionality
  • Share UI modules created by different teams and providers
  • Customize UI components
  • Maximize browser caching
  • Safely combine cross-domain content without risking the privacy of your server-side system

A comprehensive and well-designed toolkit

Developers building a UI module with our framework will come across many examples of the attention to detail that has gone into its design. We've built our UI widgets with AngularJS/Angular 8+ (Google), so you can make full use of the complete single-page application that comes with it. We give you tooling and common-sense defaults, so you don't have to decide how to make your UIs deployable, discoverable, configurable, translatable or styleable. And if you need something specific that we have not provided, you can easily extend our widgets and tools to meet your requirements.

Build great user experiences

To help you make the most of the framework, we provide:

  • A library of UI widgets to build forms and reports
  • A common container for UI modules
  • An application container in which your UI modules can be safely and securely managed
  • Server-side services to manage assets and configuration details common to all system modules
  • Development tools that allow web developers a high level of freedom before their work is integrated into the server
  • Style theme tooling that lets you treat look-and-feel and UX separately from other UI development concerns
  • Live documentation that gives you the opportunity to experiment with the features of our framework

Service layer – a flexible approach to standardization

Business APIs sit at the heart of modern internet applications. The Avaloq platform brings together the power of standardized APIs and flexible extensibility.

While our APIs allow developers to use and integrate with Avaloq functionality straight out of the box, we also provide the frameworks and tooling to enable you to build your own APIs that meet your specific needs.

It’s a powerful combination that lays the foundation for open banking and the creation of comprehensive, rapidly adaptable UIs.

Interface the way you choose

We know there’s no one-size-fits-all method for integrating with banking and wealth management platforms, which is why we provide many different ways of interacting with Avaloq.

We support asynchronous messaging middleware, such as JMS. Business functionality can be exposed through SOAP and REST APIs. In addition, we provide a wide range of ready-to-use business APIs. Data reports can be used directly within UIs or exposed as a service, using our flexible reporting engine.

All our APIs are secure and can be exposed directly to third parties or clients. Our modern approach to cyber threats ensures that your data and users are always protected.

Extending the service layer

When you need your own services in this layer, whether it’s to implement asynchronous interfaces or to develop state-of-the-art REST services, you’ll find the tools you need in our comprehensive software development kit (SDK). The SDK provides model objects that you can use to manipulate data from our core system, with cross-cutting capabilities to ensure common security and session functionality.

The SDK also makes it easy to develop custom services that expose platform functionality and combine data from external systems with our core data.

Business layer – highly configurable business services

We offer true flexibility, so you can tailor our business services as required.

You can customize these services in two ways: using declarative languages (e.g. business rules to configure and adjust functionality) and Avaloq script, our own imperative programming language, to implement your business logic.

Almost 100% of Avaloq data and business logic is accessible through our APIs via our data dictionaries. Avaloq also provides state-of-the-art business process, case management and business rule engines that allow the flexible customization of your business logic through BPMN 2.0/CMMN 1.0 and DMN 1.1.

Under control configuration

Because Avaloq stores customization details as source files in a shared repository, banks and wealth managers can implement test and audit processes on their configurations.

Configuration changes can easily be utilized across different stages in the development lifecycle, including acceptance tests and production.

We aim to enable clients to install configuration changes online, without incurring any downtime.

A truly open model

All our customization and extension options are available to clients, partners and fintechs in an open model, making it quick and easy to introduce new business processes and functionality.

Web services and the discoverable web service definitions are generated automatically at run-time. This means you don’t have to decide between JSON over REST and more traditional SOAP services, as you can use both side by side. Services that are created are automatically published to the service layer.

A modular system

While today’s platform comprises various modules, each with their own APIs, we are always striving to achieve even greater decoupling. For instance, by exploiting microservices such as the one used in our Goal-Based Wealth Management model.

This allows us to create stand-alone products that can be easily integrated with external solutions, such as CRM systems. A decoupled, self-contained system like this can be deployed and scaled independently, as needed, for any situation.

Our technology partners

Our strong partner network creates innovative and sustainable solutions for our clients. We work with our technology partners to integrate Avaloq solutions into our clients’ system environments in a way that ensures optimum performance. Stability and innovation are central to these long-term partnerships so that we can keep our clients’ technology up to date and maximize their benefit on a solid foundation.

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