Open banking means more than just complying with new regulations. It’s about engaging with new ecosystems of fintechs and services to develop new business opportunities in new markets.

What your clients want is fast, unobtrusive services that make life simpler and more convenient. Open banking provides the framework, enabling you to adapt quickly and create innovative offerings while carefully managing the flows of data between multiple partners.

Avaloq’s approach combines open APIs, a unique marketplace for fintech services and a secure end-to-end data platform to deliver the firm and flexible foundation you need for your move to open banking.

Banking becomes a convenience in an interconnected world

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What matters in your client’s lives?

Banks are having to respond to new consumer preferences and behaviours, all brought about by rapid social and technological change.

The impact of PSD2 and the open banking opportunity

Watch Fintech Finance’s regtech episode discussing the effect PSD2 is having on the banking industry. The show features Raman Bhatia, HSBC’s Head of Digital, UK and Europe, Christian Wolf, Raiffeisen’s Digital Roadmap & Projects Head, and Jiten Varu, Avaloq’s Chief Product Officer.

Avaloq Software Exchange

Avaloq’s Software Exchange is hosted on a platform that’s been created to help banks identify the right fintech partners, swap ideas and co-create solutions within a broad community of developers and fintechs.

The Avaloq Software Exchange is a unique online marketplace that offers direct access to more than 90 certified apps, adapters and BankletsTM.

Avaloq Open APIs

Avaloq offers a series of REST APIs, based on BIAN guidelines, that give you instant out-of-the-box access to a wide range of business functionality.

Our first wave of REST APIs provides 150 endpoints, covering ten BIAN business domains, from accounts to payments and from portfolio analysis to robo-advisory.