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100% STP rates in payment READ MORE
Reaped benefits of acquisitions within 90 days thanks to Avaloq solution READ MORE
Powered by a digital Avaloq solution READ MORE
The digital platform BT Panorama is built on Avaloq technology READ MORE
From scratch implementation for the start-up bank in just 90 days READ MORE
Five legacy systems replaced by Avaloq Banking Suite READ MORE
Merged 15 different systems into one READ MORE
Cost-income ratio now below 60% READ MORE
DBS has made its operations more efficient and improved STP rates thank to the Avaloq Banking Suite. READ MORE
Avaloq allows for a high level of operational efficiency READ MORE
Avaloq technology enables a group-wide platform that enables LLB to react quickly to new challenges READ MORE
Member of the Avaloq Community since 2005, digital solution in place since 2016 READ MORE
Switzerland’s most modern retail banking platform serving 253 banks READ MORE
Front-to-back solution including powerful digital capabilities provided by Avaloq READ MORE

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