SaaS – Software as a Service

Reduce complexity, manage costs with SaaS

Our SaaS solution offers user-ready, out-of-the-box software that provides a built-for-purpose business service. Free your business from the need to manage any aspects of the underlying software and infrastructure. We take care of that. Your specialists get direct and immediate access to the best of retail banking and wealth management technology at a manageable, predictable cost.  

SaaS can unleash your potential to grow

Imagine how agile and quick to market you could be with a secure cloud-based banking platform that actually delivers high flexibility, low costs and world-class efficiency. 

Scale more easily

Run in the cloud, on a unified platform, SaaS reduces operational risk while making it easy to scale operations and ensure data consistency as you grow. 

Speed up time-to-market

By offering the exact software you need, in the right edition, we’ll give you smoother, more reliable operations. As well as the option of accessing third-party applications. Helping you launch new products and services to market much faster than before. 

Do more. Spend less.

A SaaS delivery model offers significant cost savings by allowing you to pay per use and reduce operating costs – with software that is always up to date with the latest regulations. Thereby reducing your total cost of ownership in the long term.

Avaloq SaaS
– always up to date and built for purpose

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See how Avaloq SaaS can give
your business and your clients an edge

Avaloq SaaS is designed to deliver distinct value to financial institutions and wealth managers –providing flexibility, ensuring compliance and boosting operational efficiency

Strategic flexibility

Avaloq SaaS provides the flexibility you need to expand the number of value-adding services you can provide your clients. Helping you minimize churn and grow your top line – while staying ahead of the competition and keeping up with technological developments.

Integrated compliance

As your number of client touchpoints grows, so does your compliance risk, coupled with an everchanging regulatory landscape. Avaloq SaaS has regulatory compliance integrated into the platform to reduce your risk – as well as your costs.

Better time-to-market

With Avaloq SaaS, reduce complexity and improve time-to-market when it comes to new modules or products. With software that is always up to date, fully optimized and which comes with the highest security available.

Banking and Wealth management is moving to cloud

Cloud can improve your agility, making it easier to implement cutting-edge technologies, to leverage industry-specific solutions, and to move from a CapEx-based business model to an OpEx-based one.

However, to ensure success, you need a clearly defined cloud strategy and the right partner – one who prioritizes security and compliance, who understands your ambitions – and who has the know-how to execute your needs accordingly. We have built Avaloq SaaS on these principles, so you can feel confident when it comes to regulations, data security, and, finally, when you migrate to the cloud.

Avaloq SaaS – delivering business-critical functionalities the easy way

Get best-in-class service in the cloud

Application maintenance and support

Avaloq SaaS includes maintenance, incident management and support for changes as needed.

Examples include:
•    Application software recovery and restart
•    Non-production environment management

Application enhancements

To make room for client tailoring, Avaloq SaaS offers functional enhancements.

Examples include:
•    Minor enhancements can be accommodated as standard
•    Additional options are provided for major enhancements

Application operation services

To make operations smoother, Avaloq SaaS services offer support for all Avaloq application software. 

Examples include:
•    Application operation services for application software

Service desk

The service desk is there to help you better support your clients.

Examples include:
•    Client requests for services handled by Avaloq
•    Access to the Avaloq SaaS Service Desk

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“Avaloq's componentization process is highly granular and its Core Banking Software has one of the highest numbers of reusable business services.”

Vittorio D'Orazio
Senior Analyst at Gartner 

NelsonHall recognizes Avaloq as a leader in digital banking services.

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