02 Jun 2017
Avaloq obtains credit rating

A rating with Standard & Poor’s as well as Moody’s has today been obtained for the first time in Avaloq’s history.

Moody’s has assigned credit rating grade ‘B2’ to Avaloq, the Standard & Poor’s grade is ‘B’. Both agencies classify their outlook as “stable”.

The rating is a logical step for Avaloq at this stage in the company’s development, as it continues to mature and grow, and as it prepares for a potential IPO in a few years. Ratings are a well-established instrument for companies to facilitate access to capital during growth phases. Avaloq is proud to be among the few fintech companies that have achieved transparency by means of a rating on its way to the capital market.

Francisco Fernandez, CEO Avaloq group, said: “I welcome the result of the rating with Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s. It is a further confirmation of Avaloq’s business model, especially given the ratings acknowledge our strong market potential also in the future.”