23 Jan 2020
Avaloq enters into partnership with atpoint, a leading fintech for digitalisation

Avaloq, the fintech leader in digital banking and wealth management, is launching a long-term partnership with atpoint, a leading fintech company based in Baar in the canton of Zug.

The partnership is the result of the successful cooperation on atpoint’s latest advisory tool: atpoint.FINAP360, the “credit highway” for mortgage and SME loans. atpoint.FINAP360 is both an internal expert tool for client advisers and the credit department, and also an intuitive and modern aid in advisory discussions. atpoint manages to make credit processes happen in a way that is both understandable and emotional. The tool can also be used directly by the end-client over the internet.

Thanks to the connection to the Avaloq core banking system a credit assessment is possible in real time, whether it be new or existing business for owner occupation, investment property or a holiday home.

atpoint.FINAP.360 is designed to be entirely digital, making it more rapid and efficient, with no need for double entries or additional paper solutions. Third-party services in the credit process like property appraisals, Central Credit Information Bureau enquiries and credit scores can be seamlessly integrated, which is more cost-efficient and has a positive impact on the customer experience.

In spring 2018, atpoint won a tender held by Avaloq client, Aargauische Kantonalbank (AKB), to launch a software application for digitally supported financial advice. atpoint.FINAP360 was successfully rolled out across the entire bank in September 2019. Advisers and clients are delighted with the new solution, and initial experience indicates a time saving of around 50% per loan in following up on advisory meetings.

Martin Schilling, CEO of atpoint, says: “atpoint.FINAP360 successfully passed all the tests to be included in the avaloq.one marketplace and hence is ready to offer access to this innovative solution to the over 150 banks in the Avaloq network.” Both banks and end-clients benefit from Avaloq’s thirty years of experience and the standardisation of interfaces to make the implementation of new offerings more efficient.”

Martin Greweldinger, Chief Product Officer of Avaloq, adds: “atpoint.FINAP360 is a perfect example of what a successful app on the avaloq.one platform should look like. Ultimately, everyone benefits: atpoint gains broad access to potential new clients through avaloq.one and the banks can incorporate the new functions in their offering quickly and securely. This means the end-clients of the banks in the Avaloq network get new tools like the atpoint.FINAP360 without having to wait a long time and can use it directly online themselves.”