08 Oct 2019
Avaloq Outline is SIX’s new network partner for digital invoicing via online banking

The output management specialist Avaloq Outline is a new eBill provider for SIX Banking Services. With eBill, a new full service for client engagement processes, Avaloq Outline and SIX would like to promote digital invoicing together.

Avaloq Outline Ltd is a subsidiary of the Avaloq group and provides clients with comprehensive client communication management (CCM) solutions. Data from banks, energy suppliers, credit card issuers, telecommunications companies, traders, real estate companies, publishers and insurance companies is prepared so that it can be received in a client-friendly way via any channel.

Thanks to its wide range of services, Avaloq Outline has qualified as a new eBill provider for SIX. With eBill, SIX is establishing a unique ecosystem for digital invoicing and invoice payment that makes the charging process more efficient, convenient and cost-effective for everyone involved. As a network partner of SIX Banking Services, Avaloq connects to SIX’s open interface and appears to the biller as a data hub capable of delivering invoices to the entire Swiss online banking network.

eBill is digitalizing the invoicing process. Invoices can be received and paid directly in online banking with just a few clicks. There is no need for matching and transferring account and invoice numbers anymore. Printing and shipping costs can be saved, and the charging process is streamlined significantly thanks to automation. Avaloq Outline has an application programming interface (API) for processing all common data formats and, as a major market player, can handle very large data volumes.

“We welcome companies as network partners that already provide invoicing services and would like to expand their portfolio with e-billing. This enables network partners to offer their clients an innovative solution for their billers, and it gives them the competitive edge,” explains Daniel Berger, Head of Billing & Payments Ecosystem, Banking Services at SIX. “Because of its strong market position, Avaloq Outline is a partner of choice for our growing ecosystem.”

Jean-Daniel Andrey, Head of Customer Engagement Solutions at Avaloq Outline, adds: “For us, the network partnership with SIX is a clear win-win situation. Our clients benefit from simplified, more cost-effective invoicing processes. In return, SIX and Avaloq Outline can promote the digitalization and automation of banking processes. And we have set ourselves an ambitious goal here: together with SIX and our clients, we want to help triple the current number of approximately 32 million e-bills per year in the next three years.”