29 Jun 2017
swissQuant and Avaloq created innovative advisory solution

Avaloq is today announcing a partnership with swissQuant to produce an innovative wealth advisory solution. This solution has been developed jointly as part of an innovation project and will facilitate the provision of integrated, automated, goal-oriented investment advice.

The swissQuant Group and Avaloq are adding additional features to their jointly developed Wealth Advisory Module. With its focus on integration and automation, the technology seeks to facilitate goal-oriented investment advice. For example, it enables banks to offer affluent private banking clients comprehensive advice based on their individual goals and requirements. The service expands on the area of financial planning, translating clients’ aims and needs into a concrete securities portfolio and provides ongoing monitoring of the realisation of these goals. The first deployment of the innovative advice solution will be at the Thurgauer Kantonalbank.

The technology enables banks to automate their offerings and integrate them fully in the core banking system, the Avaloq Banking Suite. The new solution uses a highly sophisticated calculation methodology to enable the provision of personalised advice, including individual items.

The solution builds on the web technology of the Avaloq Digital Suite with a particular focus on user experience. All complex calculations, such as the choice of the optimum strategy to reach the client’s goals and the monitoring of its success, are performed by the smart technologies of the swissQuant Group. The new swissQuant modules are based on the risk logic of ImpaQt, the prevailing market standard for risk transparency and compliance. In this innovation project, the swissQuant Group is elaborating a novel approach based on a dynamic investment strategy that demonstrably outperforms conventional, static allocation methods.