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AcademyAvaloq course and certification programme.Contact
Booking Academy courses Course programme and registration. Contact
DocumentationThe Avaloq document library:  relevant information from Community: product descriptions, support processes and release informationContact
EventsThe best opportunity for personal discussions: Avaloq Symposium International, Avaloq Symposium Asia, Avaloq Dialogues and Partner Day.Contact
ForumOnline discussion with customers and Avaloq about business processes, IT topics ─ parameterisation, software and hardware ─ and new regulatory requirements.Contact
Issue Tool
The Avaloq Issue Tool is an order processing system that serves to communicate errors, enquiries or suggestions for enhancements with regard to Avaloq products and services and to process them.
Knowledge Groups

Banking experts from the Avaloq Community meet around 30 times a year. At these international meetings, best practices are exchanged by the financial institutions, tendencies in the industry are analysed and Avaloq’s solutions are discussed and influenced.Contact
Web Client Community
The Web Client Community (WCC) is the upgraded portal of Avaloq Sourcing (Switzerland & Liechtenstein) AG, previously B-Source, where all documents and information related to the client community are available.