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Why not become a certified Avaloq professional?

Avaloq Academy encourages professional development and provides in-depth knowledge for pursuing expertise on Avaloq's solutions and services.

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Certification programme

With an Avaloq certification, you receive an internationally recognized certificate that clearly documents your professional qualifications. This means that you not only strengthen your position in the market, but you also send an important message to your clients – that you're consistently giving the best support possible on their projects.

The certification programme uses a point-based system ("education points"). All courses in an Avaloq Academy training programme carry a number of points based on their content duration. By earning the number of education points on a course and passing the exam, you advance to the next qualification level.

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Avaloq Academy believes that ongoing training is the key to staying up to date with the latest developments of the Avaloq Banking Suite. That is why our certificates are valid up to a specific release, and professionals are required to complete accreditation courses for newer releases to keep their certificates valid.

Avaloq Academy Accreditation

How to renew your certificate

Every certificate is valid for two years

To keep your certificates valid, you need to earn at least 120 accreditation points

You can earn points by completing accreditation courses: 120 points is equal to four course days

Two of the courses must be Delta courses and the other courses can be any of your choice


2 Delta courses:

  • Delta 2018 H1
  • Delta 2018 H2

2 courses of your choice:

  • 1-day course: Accreditation: Responsive Forms / Webforms (RSP)
  • 1-day course: Accreditation: Person Object Modelling (POM)

2 Delta courses:

  • Delta 2018 H1
  • Delta 2018 H2

2-day course of your choice:

2-day course: Accreditation: Mastering Advanced Avaloq Script Techniques

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