Avaloq.one Ecosystem

Differentiate your offering by partnering with the latest fintechs and third-party suppliers.

140+ innovative solutions in one marketplace

Integrate the latest fintech applications to differentiate your banking and wealth management offering. The Avaloq.one ecosystem is a single access point to connect with 140+ fintechs and other established providers, enabling you to offer new use cases to your clients. Avaloq-approved third-party solutions make it quick and simple for you to introduce popular new services and functions such as voice recognition, chatbots, or specific asset classes.

140+ pre-vetted solutions  

Offer the latest fintech solutions to solve any client need. All fintech services and external partners are pre-selected and validated by Avaloq.


Reduce the time it takes to research and onboard partners by accessing multiple innovative solutions through a single trusted access point.

Sandbox & APIs

Harness a comprehensive suite of Community APIs for easy integration. Access innovation with reduced risk by firstly exploring and testing in a sandox environment.

Avaloq.one Ecosystem in detail

Integrate with innovative fintechs and third-parties. All solutions are pre-vetted by Avaloq and can be tested in our sandbox environment. 

Integrate faster with 7,500 REST APIs

Offer high-tech services that meet the expectations of your most demanding clients. The Avaloq.one ecosystem enables you to connect with fintechs worldwide and integrate the latest technology at pace. 7,500 REST API endpoints ensure you can quickly connect your infrastructure with an array of fintechs. Your technology teams also benefit from sandbox access to Avaloq products in the cloud.

Key features

Gain access to 140+ innovative fintech solutions

Integrate faster with 7,500 REST API endpoints

Test seamlessly in a sandbox

Built for technology professionals


A comprehensive suite of REST APIs (e.g. Community APIs) supports the process of linking fintechs in the community to Avaloq, ensuring fast, frictionless integration.

Exploration Sandbox

Our customized sandbox environment running in AWS public cloud is designed for banks and fintechs to explore Community APIs and test functions against Avaloq products.

Integration Sandbox

Access a secure, isolated and client specific environment in Avaloq cloud to test new third-party or fintech integrations in a production-like environment.

We have been successfully testing products and services with the Data Synthesizer through the Avaloq.one sandbox. This solution has enabled LUKB to run tests very quickly and efficiently. Importantly, using synthesized data has allowed us and our partner companies – all working remotely – to test in a much more realistic way, resulting in better, more practical and actionable outputs.

Stefan Lüthy
Head Digitalization and Multichannel Management at Luzerner Kantonalbank

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