Connecting fintechs to banks and wealth managers

Access Avaloq’s extensive network of 150+ global banks and wealth managers to explore the potential for collaboration – with fintechs getting the opportunity to scale up, and banks and wealth managers gaining access to innovative technologies fast.

Scale up

Instead of focusing your efforts on costly customization to one financial institution, access the Ecosystem to network with 150+ banks and wealth managers. Our open APIs enable integrated collaboration with countless partners. Evolve your solutions and prove your ability to scale.

Benefit from our industry expertise

It takes more than the best technology to successfully sell your solutions. It takes a solid understanding of the financial industry. We offer our expertise in this area to help you develop technology that resonates with your potential partners.

Integrate with the leading banking suite

Integrate your fintech solution with the Avaloq Banking Suite. Create a demo to show to a myriad of financial institutions. Get insights into the Avaloq Banking Suite and business processes, and use its data, information and user journeys.

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Qwil joins the Ecosystem

“We’ve had a truly positive experience with the Ecosystem so far. We had been in discussion with the Avaloq team for a few months to determine the best way to work together and complement our offerings. Then, in a meeting in March 2019, we demoed Qwil messenger, our secure and compliant client chat platform, and Avaloq presented the vision. Suddenly, all the pieces fell into place.”

Laurent Guyot
Chief Revenue & Financial Officer
Qwil Messenger

atpoint goes live on the Ecosystem

“atpoint.FINAP360 successfully passed all the tests to be included in the marketplace and hence is ready to offer access to this innovative solution to the over 150 banks and wealth managers in the Avaloq network.”

Martin Schilling
Founder and CEO atpoint

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Why you should join the Ecosystem

Innovation doesn’t appear in isolation. That’s why we continuously expand our ecosystem to create the best possible conditions to boost collaboration and, consequently, innovation.

Comprehensive set of REST APIs

  • 7,500 REST API end points
  • 400+ Open API end points across 16 API modules and 10 business domains
  • Open APIs on demand to scale your business

Test in our sandbox

  • Integrate and test your solution with our market-leading platform
  • Create, manage and configure your test environment using our developer sandbox and documentation
  • Use a standard configuration of our platform to test and improve system integration

Get onboarded in just a few weeks

  • Join our community through our standard onboarding process
  • Onboard yourself via our self-service options and cut out cumbersome administrative work
  • We do a light compliance check – and you’re ready to go

Build new solutions with the Ecosystem

  • Work with Open APIs to integrate fintechs or develop your own in-house solution
  • Review proven fintech solutions and request a demo
  • Browse through over 400 APIs and read full documentation

Join the marketplace of ideas

To us, embracing the new era of open banking means collaborating with leading fintechs in our ecosystem. And we’re always looking for more to join.

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