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What does being future-ready mean? At Avaloq, it means just two things: being open to innovation and being willing to embrace change. Change is a given today and it’s happening faster all the time, driven by rapid developments in technology and by new market needs and expectations.

New technologies are opening the door, not just to a revolution in client interaction, but to completely new business models. At the same time, we’re seeing market expectations changing rapidly, driven by more adventurous, consumer-led industries and by demographic developments, and new players are making an impact in the market. Banks and wealth managers need to act quickly if they’re going to adapt to clients’ changing demands before it’s too late.

Here we present how Avaloq is supporting the best approaches to the task of future-proofing your business. These include providing smooth migration trajectories, helping you ensure cost-effective operations and incorporating game-changing technologies – such as blockchain, AI and cloud offerings – in our products. You’ll also see how we are investing in cybersecurity, boosting efficiency and ensuring stable, secure and scalable operation of our cloud-agnostic and fully containerized banking platform.

All this is backed up by a culture of design thinking and a commitment to putting UI/UX first, so that we embed the user’s perspective and client-driven development methods deep in the heart of our products and services. With this progressive philosophy, alongside our exceptionally high implementation success rate, we can guarantee you the support you need to make your business fit and ready for the challenges of an uncertain future.

Martin Greweldinger
Group Chief Product Officer
Thomas Beck
Group Chief Technology Officer

Roadmap24 overview

Explore our insights on the future of the financial industry and discover how we will help bring better solutions to financial institutions and wealth managers. View the roadmap of developments below outlining our technology and services – all part of our commitment to increasing simplicity.

A time of change and challenges

Find out how we want to unlock opportunities in the new era where digitalization, the rise of fintechs and new, disruptive business models are changing the rules of the game.

Digitalization – the new era is today

Digitalizing the financial industry

What does digitalizing the financial industry mean? To us it’s about a commitment to leveraging new technologies and utilizing them to increase operational efficiency.

A design-driven approach to redefine digital interactions

We want to empower today’s workforce through a wealth of world-class digital tools made available on personal devices.

High-quality experiences build strong client engagement

Through Avaloq Engage, we will meet the expectations of banks and wealth managers to remain relevant in their clients’ everyday lives.

The ever-growing compliance challenges

Avaloq is investing heavily in front-end solutions with the aim of providing users with the best possible support for compliance.

Looking to enable investments in crypto?

Our ambition is to integrate crypto assets as native assets in the core banking platform and power this transition through data and blockchain technology.

Services that maximize efficiency

Cloud platforms offer such overwhelming advantages

There’s no doubt that core banking platforms will eventually move to the cloud. The question is not if, but when – and we believe it should be now.

Get cost-efficient platforms

We believe dealing with regulators and auditors should not be a burden for financial institutions and wealth managers. Instead, they should take advantage of the cloud.

The platform to support your digital initiatives

Where can banks and wealth managers stand out from their competitors? Not in the area of back-office processes. We believe that today, the battleground is elsewhere.

Client experience is everything

Democratizing wealth management

We want to fully automate and digitize the advice process, and the personal relationship between the client and its wealth manager will remain fundamental.

Our new advisory experience

Avaloq provides wealth managers and banks with services that empower advisors to focus on what they do best: providing their clients with sound advice.

The multi-custody challenge for wealth managers

To us, competing in asset management means providing a robust mechanism for the consolidation of client positions and calculation of the performance.

Incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG)

ESG-focused investments have grown significantly – but in the sector this still counts for a small part of the investment universe.

Be at the forefront

Derivatives and structured products have become mainstream and are no longer reserved for sophisticated, institutional investors. Our ambition is to accelerate this further.

Data is king

Redefining banking using advanced analytics

In the financial sector, new technologies such as predictive and advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI are influencing almost every part of the industry – and we want to lead the way.


Connect. Collaborate. Co-innovate.

A world of threats and opportunities

Financial institutions and wealth managers must innovate and experiment to survive and, in our view, they must also get used to the idea that there will be failures or slow burners alongside the immediate successes.


The path to the future

We foresee new initiatives such as APIs, microservices and self-contained systems, mobile and browser-based UIs have the potential to change face of banking.

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Making the most of third party technologies.

ACP releases

Our detailed Avaloq Core Platform release plan until 2021.

Innovation is our heartbeat

Always at the cutting edge

We have an impressive track record of responding quickly and creatively to the changing needs of banks, wealth managers and their clients. We are constantly monitoring and contributing to the latest thinking and technologies, conducting research and producing innovative prototypes.

Collaborating across the industry

Cooperation is the key to continuous innovation, and it’s something we invest in on many levels. Avaloq runs 20 knowledge groups, open to clients and partners, which discuss emerging trends in banking.

We work closely with universities, like the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology (ETH) and Edinburgh University, and standards bodies, including BIAN and CC Sourcing, to ensure we deliver relevant, openly accessible functionality.

Pro-active monitoring, involving all our partners and clients, helps us to stay ahead of new regulations and allows new needs to be met quickly and efficiently.

Innovating with our clients

More than 90% of our innovation projects involve working hand in hand with selected clients. Our innovation partnership model ensures the solutions we bring to market meet real needs and deliver real usability.

Recent successes include a wealth advisory solution created in a collaborative partnership with Liechtensteinische Landesbank, Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft and swissQuant.

A philosophy that puts people first

For us, innovation is all about designing for real people – the clients you serve and the staff who use your systems. It’s about understanding their specific needs, about enabling them to do new and different things or to perform familiar tasks more efficiently.

Our commitment to this human-centred design approach makes the whole experience of using our services and software more convenient and more enjoyable. It’s a philosophy that’s carried through far beyond product design, with real benefits in terms of ease of implementation and support and in the overall quality of your operations.

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