Innovation is banking’s highest priority and the only way to guarantee the business agility needed to keep up with fast-changing markets.

The key to rapid, targeted innovation is open collaboration. We work tirelessly with a vast range of clients, partners, fintechs and third-party developers to create innovative solutions for today and tomorrow.

Always at the cutting edge

We have an impressive track record of responding quickly and creatively to the changing needs of banks and their clients. Recent breakthroughs, like our omni-channel platform, our risk-based investment advisory services and our new goal-based wealth management solutions, have underlined our determination to stay ahead of the game.

We are constantly monitoring and contributing to the latest thinking and technologies, conducting research and producing innovative prototypes.

Relentlessly moving foward

Blockchain: Plausibility within Banking and Wealth Management

Predicting the banking landscape of the future is notoriously difficult. But it’s not something we can afford to duck. Thinking critically about the potential and outcomes associated with new technology helps guide our planning and research.


Avaloq Community Insights: Architectural Evolution

Taking advantage of an unpredictable and rapidly changing technology landscape demands a platform built around the right architectural vision. In this discussion paper, we bring together the views of many members of the Avaloq Community and take a long, hard look at the challenges ahead.





Collaborating across the industry

Cooperation is the key to continuous innovation, and it’s something we invest in on many levels. Avaloq runs 20 knowledge groups, open to clients and partners, which discuss emerging trends in banking.

We work closely with universities, like the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology (ETH) and Edinburgh University, and standards bodies, including BIAN and CC Sourcing, to ensure we deliver relevant, openly accessible functionality.

Pro-active monitoring, involving all our partners and clients, helps us to stay ahead of new regulations and allows new needs to be met quickly and efficiently.

Innovating with our clients

More than 90% of our innovation projects involve working hand in hand with selected clients. Our innovation partnership model ensures the solutions we bring to market meet real needs and deliver real usability.

Recent successes include a wealth advisory solution created in a collaborative partnership with Liechtensteinische Landesbank, Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft and swissQuant.

Avaloq’s human-centred design approach.

A philosophy that puts people first

For us, innovation is all about designing for real people – the clients you serve and the staff who use your systems. It’s about understanding their specific needs, about enabling them to do new and different things or to perform familiar tasks more efficiently.

Our commitment to this human-centred design approach makes the whole experience of using our services and software more convenient and more enjoyable. It’s a philosophy that’s carried through far beyond product design, with real benefits in terms of ease of implementation and support and in the overall quality of your operations.

Design-driven, we write software for people.

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1,000+ developers creating new apps

Our commitment to open collaboration is an open secret, the key to a continuous stream of new and practical innovations built on the foundation of the Avaloq platform.

A central element in this is the Avaloq Developer Portal. The portal provides data APIs, UI frameworks and a range of other tools and documentation to encourage developers to create new solutions and services for our clients.

It’s an open world, and there are already more than 1,000 developers busily engaging with our open technology stack. If you have ideas that could benefit the Avaloq community, come and join us. The door’s wide open.

We’re open about our plans too

We share all our ideas and plans for new product development in our rolling two-year product outlook, the Avaloq Roadmap 24.

The Roadmap 24 allows banks to prioritize initiatives, identify areas for potential collaboration and contribute their own thoughts, suggesting ideas for future innovation and indicating where they would like to see us forge new fintech partnerships.

What our clients say

“Joining the Avaloq Community guarantees us access to a network of innovative banks and opens up interesting strategic prospects, especially in the area of business process outsourcing (BPO).”

Peter Gertsch

Former Head of IT and Logistics, BKB Group

“Our growth strategy demands a modern, high quality technology platform. With Avaloq, we benefit from a high innovation rate together with synergies within the Avaloq Community for things like regulatory requirements.”

Burak Seyrek

Former CEO, ??bank AG