Give your banking specialists direct and immediate access to the best of retail banking and wealth management technology, used to manage more than USD 4 trillion.

Imagine how agile and quick to market you could be with a secure cloud-based banking platform that actually delivers on the promise of high flexibility, low costs and world-class efficiency.

Our solutions

Our solutions are preconfigured with industrial-class processes and components. To ensure rapid time to market, in addition to our own leading software, our SaaS offering includes a rich mix of optional third-party add-ons, such as regulatory reporting and pricing and asset data feeds. With all this and a vast range of specialized third-party solutions, available via our Avaloq Software Exchange marketplace, you can shape your system to dovetail precisely with your business needs and your clients’ specific requirements.


Why run Avaloq Software as a Service?

By adopting the SaaS model, banks can achieve substantial savings, lower operating risk and guarantee that the software they’re using is always up to date, fully tested and optimally configured for quality, reliability and performance.

Trustworthy, flexible SaaS


By offering different software editions to match your specific business model and market, we make your system ready for business quicker than ever before. Each edition is pre-configured with a rich mix of mission-critical third-party software and services to get you up and running, and delivering business value in record time.

Up to date

With SaaS, you benefit from the fastest, most up to date and reliable infrastructure and are always able to take advantage of Avaloq’s latest innovations.


All the components of our banking software operate within a framework that guarantees 100% consistency by using a single, unified semantic data model across every module (enterprise-wide object model).


Avaloq is already used by more than 150 banks around the world. The most efficient processes and best practices, drawn from the experience of these different banks, are pre-configured into our SaaS offering. As a result, you get world-beating efficiency from day one, without sacrificing the ability to customize wherever you need to. It’s the ideal marriage of industrialization and flexibility that every bank is looking for.


To help you collaborate with partners, we provide access to an open marketplace of third-party apps certified on the Avaloq platform. To make it simple, we have created an online developer portal with all the APIs, documentation and support you’ll ever need.


Avaloq forms the trusted backbone of many of the world’s most secure banking operations. Our expertise guarantees the privacy and integrity of your data, even in today’s digitally connected world.

It’s all about the user

Our software is built with each specific role (such as relationship manager or compliance officer) in mind. In line with our radical design-driven approach, our goal is to make every role as efficient as possible and to create a context-sensitive workplace that users love using, whether in the office, with a client or on the road.

A user experience that stands out from the crowd

Clients today want fast, easy-to-use, highly personalized services, delivered via an attractive and engaging UI. Banks need to be able to customize their offerings and differentiate themselves from their competitors, while achieving high levels of efficiency and reliability and maintaining end-to-end consistency across all channels.

Avaloq's digital solutions give you all this and more, effortlessly integrating the capabilities of the Avaloq Banking Suite, alongside third-party apps and services, to create the kind of user experience your clients will tell their friends about.

Operational excellence with SaaS

With our 99.999% system availability – no more than five minutes’ downtime per year – your clients can enjoy world-class reliability and uninterrupted service.

Delivering proven efficiency gains

Orbis data shows that average cost-income ratios for banks using Avaloq are typically 4.6 percentage points lower than those for other banks operating in the same countries. In some markets, the difference can be more than 10 percentage points.

“Avaloq's componentization process is highly granular and its CBS has one of the highest numbers of reusable business services.”

Vittorio D'Orazio

Senior Analyst at Gartner

IDC Financial Insights recognizes Avaloq as a leader in mobile banking solutions.

Nelson Hall recognizes Avaloq as a leader in digital banking services.

Celent has singled out Avaloq for both XCelent Advanced Technology and Depth of Customer Service awards.

Avaloq is featured as a leader in IDC’s MarketScape for worldwide wealth management front- and middle-office solutions.